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17 August, 2022

Tel Group Pauses Partnership with the Institute of School Business Leaders

17 August, 2022

A letter from Tel Group’s Director, David Murphy, regarding the decision to drop the Institute of School Business Leaders (ISBL) ‘Approved Partner’ label.

A letter to School Business Leaders regarding Tel Groups ISBL partnership.

After 4 years of being an approved partner and having a strong relationship with the Institute of School Business Leadership (ISBL), we have come to the decision to not renew our approved partner subscription for the 2022-23 academic year.

As many of you are aware, the ISBL provides a platform for School Business Professionals to keep up to date with relevant industry news, access valuable content and receive professional development opportunities.

As a company, we support the work ISBL do and what they continue to do for the profession. However, over the past 12-18 months we have found the SBL/SBM Community to be more focused on their regional support groups as well as a few national support networks. It’s important for us to support our customers and potential customers in ways that benefits them most.

With this in mind, I believe the cost to hold the ‘Approved Partner’ label will be better spent on providing our customers and the wider SBL community with additional support. Whether that’s through funding their chosen CPD opportunities, school funding, enhancing services or sponsorship of regional SBM groups, ultimately we aim to invest into the education sector in whatever way we can.

In regards to the ‘Approved Partner’ label, we know a number of SBLs base purchasing decisions on this. Our loss of this label could ultimately result in a reduced rate of potential customers, however we are still the same company, same management, same team and same ethos.

I’d like to thank the ISBL for providing the platform for us to grow over the recent years and we will continue to show our support through exhibiting at their National Conference in November where we look forward to networking and socialising with new and old members.


David Murphy