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Sign In Systems for Schools

InVentry Sign In System for the Education Sector

InVentry is the number one fully integrated sign in solution for safeguarding and managing School Visitors, Pupils and Staff.

Designed for the education sector, the InVentry visitor sign-in system allows you to accurately monitor who is in your building at any time.

InVentry speeds up the sign-in process, keeps identity information secure and leaves your staff feeling confident that students and staff are safe and accounted for.

The InVentry system is designed with both GDPR and safeguarding in mind. With the sign in software, applications and equipment developed to be the most reliable of their kind, InVentry is the key to all school’s visitor management requirements.

Whether you’re a small primary school or a large multi-academy trust, InVentry has the solutions to accommodate your needs and budgets.

Find out how an InVentry Sign In System will transform your school’s visitor management today!

InVentry Sign In Solutions with Tel Group

Sign In Systems for Schools

Revolutionise Your Visitor Management with the Number 1 Sign In Solution for Education

Sign In systems for Schools Sign In systems for Schools

InVentry Sign In System

InVentry, a leader in sign-in and visitor management systems, has earned the trust of over 8,000 schools throughout the UK.

The state-of-the-art system streamlines the entry process and provides secure digital data on every entry or exit, ensuring maximum traceability for staff, contractors, and visitors.

 InVentry’s sign-in software, applications and equipment have been designed with GDPR and safeguarding regulations in mind, ensuring that your school’s data is secure and reliable.

Sign In systems for Schools and Multi Academy Trusts - InVentry Sign In systems for Schools and Multi Academy Trusts - InVentry

InVentry for Multi Academy Trusts

Whether your educational institution is part of a Trust or a multi-site nursery, secondary or primary school, InVentry offers you a flexible means of controlling site access using one comprehensive solution.

  • Staff can roam between sites by flowing information between individual systems.
  • When staff log into a new system at a different location, they will automatically be signed out of their previous session to ensure security and privacy.
  • Sharing personnel records across sites allows for contractors to be approved at a trust-wide level.
Inventry Sign In systems for Schools integrating with Paxton Access Control Inventry Sign In systems for Schools integrating with Paxton Access Control

Paxton Integration

By integrating InVentry’s visitor management system with Paxton’s top-of-the-line door access control system, schools can enjoy an extra layer of protection.

The system allows schools to easily add users directly through their MIS, eliminating the need to enter information twice and automatically syncing it with both InVentry and Paxton.

This not only provides a reliable safeguarding measure but also streamlines the process for administrative staff when adding or removing users, reducing workload.

Inventry - a secure sign-in solution for schools


The InVentry sign in solution allows you to know who is on-site at any given time.

InVentry - a fully integrated solution for schools


InVentry software can be seamlessly integrated into multiple MIS systems.

InVentry- Easy to use sign in solution with full training provided for schools

Easy to use

A fully managed solution, from software to hardware and technical support.

InVentry- Giving a professional appearance to your school


The sign in solution creates the right impression first time, every time.

InVentry - an advanced visitor management software for schools


The cutting-edge software is designed so anyone can use it.

DBS and Safeguarding

InVentry acts as a single central record for all DBS checks. By using InVentry for your DBS checks you can ensure the safeguarding of all your students and comply with Ofsted requirements.

Training and Warranty

Our technicians will install the system, and configure the InVentry software to suit your  requirements. We will provide full training and give you a 3 year warranty. 

Visitor Arrival Alerts

With easy integration into your software, InVentry can instantly notify staff when a specific visitor has arrived via text, email, Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Visitor Pass System

Multiple badge options for visitors, including thermal and colour passes. Visitors can easily self-register, take a photo and sign in. You just hand them their personalised printed badge.

Search and Run Reports

You have the ability to view and export historical and current information for staff, pupils, visitors, contractors or governors. Reports can be sent to Excel, printed or emailed.

Group Tracking

With a few taps on their phone, teachers can sign out a whole group of pupils for school trips, sports events or any group activity.

Event Registration

With InVentry you have the ability to pre-book visitors into school events, such as parents’ evening or meetings. Customisable email invitations can be created in the invitation builder.


Frequent visitors can use facial recognition for a speedier sign in. Fingerprint and ID card technology also gives you a secure way for staff to sign in and out.

Multi Academy Trusts

Allows MAT employees to travel across multiple sites using the same ID. Trust-wide reporting allows the generation of personnel reports across sites.

Inventry Sign In Solutions for Schools - Free demo & quote

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Personalised Sign In Screen - Inventry

Personalised InVentry Screens

Customise your InVentry system to coincide with the look and feel of your school branding.

  • Get a personalised screen, including your brand colours and logo.
  • Include your own declarations on screen when a visitor signs in.
    Inventry Sign in Systems for Schools - Visitor Management

    Personalised ID Cards

    Give staff and personnel their very own ID card and allow contactless entry across your school.

    • Quick and simple sign in process by simply swiping a card on your InVentry screen or Quickscan unit.
      Inventry sign in system for schools - multiple entry points

      Multiple Entrance Points

      Allow for quick and easy staff sign in from multiple entry points around your school with our Quickscan units.

      • Quickscan units can be mounted anywhere.
      • Customise your Quickscan unit to ask for more information.
        Inventry sign in solutions anywhere app

        InVentry Anywhere App

        Use InVentry on the go with the App to allow remote access, enabling  staff to sign in and out remotely.

        • Trigger evacuations and send alert notifications.
        • Pre-book visitors and speed up arrivals.

          Fully integrated with your schools MIS

          InVentry integrates with your school’s Management Information System (MIS) as well as many other software.

          • Integrations - InVentry Sign In Solutions Icon
          • Integrations - InVentry Sign In Solutions Icon
          • Integrations - InVentry Sign In Solutions Icon
          • Integrations - InVentry Sign In Solutions Icon
          • Integrations - InVentry Sign In Solutions Icon
          • Integrations - InVentry Sign In Solutions Icon
          • Integrations - InVentry Sign In Solutions Icon
          • Integrations - InVentry Sign In Solutions Icon

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