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Audio Visual Equipment for Schools

Provision and Installation of AV Equipment for Schools

Create an engaging and exciting learning environment for your students with Audio Visual Equipment for Schools.
Leverage audio-visual equipment within your school or Multi Academy Trust (MAT) to improve lesson engagement and boost student productivity.
From interactive whiteboards to audio systems, utilising AV equipment can significantly improve your ability to engage students and communicate essential information.
With the demand for digital learning content and practices increasing, a school’s classroom and AV equipment must be up to standard. We offer solutions from leading manufacturers, including SMART and Promethean, to provide comprehensive AV solutions throughout the school, accommodating any budget.
At Tel Group, we offer a wide range of AV equipment specifically designed for educational settings. Whether it’s interactive whiteboards, projectors, or audio systems, we have everything schools need to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Classroom and Hall Projectors
  • Audio Systems
  • InVentry Sign-In Solutions

Explore Tel Group’s Audio Visual Equipment

 Audio Visual Equipment for Schools

Revolutionise Teaching and Learning with Audio Visual Equipment

Audio Visual Equipment for Schools - Interactive Boards Audio Visual Equipment for Schools - Interactive Boards

Interactive Whiteboards

Improve Classroom Engagement with Interactive Boards

With schools transitioning from traditional whiteboards to a more engaging and interactive alternative, interactive boards have seen a sharp increase in popularity, offering a dynamic and exciting way to teach and learn. 

Having futureproof, secure, and reliable technology within your school to bridge the gap between physical and digital learning is becoming essential. 

With a selection of industry-leading interactivity and learning tools, our range of interactive boards are easy to navigate, competitively priced and tailored directly towards the education sector. 

Our team can aid in selecting the most suitable technology for your school from leading manufacturers such as SMART and Promethean.

  • Mobility – move between classrooms freely.
  • Collaboration – increased engagement with displays and presentations.
  • Connectivity – allow students to actively participate in learning with real-time collaborative tools.
  • Rich media – multimedia and interactive elements leading to better engagement and focus.
Classroom and Hall Projectors - Audio Visual Equipment for Schools - AV Classroom and Hall Projectors - Audio Visual Equipment for Schools - AV

Classroom and Hall Projectors

Improve Student Engagement
Our projector solutions are fully equipped to support the demands of modern teaching and help deliver engaging lessons.
With high-resolution displays and easy connectivity options, our projectors are perfect for presenting multimedia content, including videos, images, and presentations.
By investing in projectors, your school can equip your classrooms with the tools necessary to encourage a more enriching and effective learning environment. Our projector screen installation service will include a site survey to determine the size and the existing setup to provide the optimal AV configuration.
  • Enhances Learning – Visually convey information.
  • Increase Student Engagement – Make lessons more interactive and exciting.
  • Saves Time – Eliminate the need to create and distribute paper handouts.
  • Flexibility – Use in various settings, including classrooms, auditoriums, and gymnasiums.
Audio Systems for Schools - AV Equipment for Education Audio Systems for Schools - AV Equipment for Education

Audio Systems

Communicate Through Your School

At Tel Group, we offer a comprehensive range of audio equipment and package systems to meet every requirement, from small primary schools to a multi-site MAT or college, we offer both options for traditional audio systems and school lockdown systems.

Whether you are looking for sound systems within your school hall, a school public address system, outdoor speakers, or a fully comprehensive lockdown system, we cover all your audio system needs.

  • Sound Systems
  • School Public Address Systems
  • School Lockdown Systems
  • Outdoor Speakers
Education Inventry Sign In Solutions - Audio Visual Equipment for Schools Education Inventry Sign In Solutions - Audio Visual Equipment for Schools

Inventry Sign In System

Revolutionise your Sign In Process

Designed for the education sector, the InVentry visitor entry / sign-in system allows you to accurately monitor who is in your building at any time.

InVentry speeds up the sign-in process, keeps identity information secure and leaves your staff feeling confident that students and staff are safe and accounted for.

ICT Equipment for Schools - AV Equipment ICT Equipment for Schools - AV Equipment

ICT Equipment

Upgrade Your School’s ICT Equipment and Hardware

Our wide range of industry leading ICT Equipment for schools allows you to transform the way your students learn. From laptops, tablets and PCs, we are able to provide everything your school requires. 

  • Computer Devices
  • Networking and Power
  • Storage
  • Sound and Vision
  • Printing
  • Peripherals
  • Computing Accessories
  • Cables and Connectivity
  • Communications
  • Conferencing 
Installation and Training - Audio Visual Equipment for Schools (AV) Installation and Training - Audio Visual Equipment for Schools (AV)

Installation and Training

Delivering a First Class Service

At Tel Group we are committed to delivering top-quality audio and visual installations for educational institutions. Our team is equipped to manage all aspects of your project, from procurement to design and installation.

We will always ensure you and your team are happy with the finished product, and our work doesn’t just stop after the installation has been completed. We will never leave the site without training the relevant staff and ensuring you are confident using your new AV equipment.

Additional IT Services

Solidify Your School IT Solutions with Tel Group

IT Support

ICT Equipment


Digital Safeguarding

Cyber Security

IT Infrastructure

Sign In Systems

Improve Classroom Engagement with Audio Visual Equipment for Schools!
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