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Salon Connectivity Providers

Connectivity Packages for Salons

Wi-Fi, Broadband and Telephone Systems for Salons

Working in collaboration with Salon Owners United, Tel Group are here to provide your hair and beauty salon with a bespoke business grade connectivity package for salons.

With 17 years experience working with 1000+ organisations to improve their communications and connectivity, we are able to work with you to provide bespoke connectivity packages for Salons.

A reliable connectivity solution is now a must have for salons, seeing operations transition to digital practices. As customers and staff continue to utilise your connectivity, countless devices are connecting to the internet throughout the day. A solution similar to what you use at home is therefore unsubstantial for your salon.

Tel Groups connectivity solutions allows your staff and customers to access the tools and resources they need in an instant, without delays or distractions.

It’s time to cut out poor connectivity with Tel Group’s connectivity packages for salons.

Connectivity Packages for Salons

Stay Connected to Clients 24/7

Retain and win customers, improve customer service and never miss an opportunity again!

Salon Connectivity Packages - Money Saving

Cost Saving

Significantly reduce your salon’s costs with our connectivity packages.

Salon Connectivity Packages - Easy to use

Easy to use

Our cutting edge connectivity solutions are designed so anyone can use it.

Salon Connectivity Packages - 24/7 support

Technical Support

Log tickets on our helpdesk 24/7 and get technical support when needed.

Salon Connectivity Packages - Professional


Personalise communications to create the right impression to your clients.

Salon Connectivity Packages - Flexible


As your salon grows, your system can grow with you to accommodate this.

Salon Connectivity Packages - Boost Salon Profits

Boost Salon Profits

Missed calls can cost your salon a significant amount of sales over time.

With instant missed-call alerts, call queuing and detailed reports, as well as out-of-hours messages where you can direct callers to online booking systems, you will never miss an opportunity again!

Salon Connectivity Packages -Customisable Marketing

Customisable Salon Marketing

How often are you left on hold when calling up a business? During this hold time it is the perfect opportunity to promote your latest promotions, products and services with a personalised message.

When callers call out-of-hours, you can also alter the message to inform them of opening hours and how to book online, enabling you to continue to market your salon when it’s closed.

Salon Connectivity Packages - Free Client Wifi

Provide Free Client Wi-Fi

Enable your clients to utilise your Wi-Fi whilst in the salon, improving customer experience and improving customer retention rates.

Staff will also be able to utlise this high speed internet connection, enabling you to manage online bookings, respond to emails, update your socials and simply connect to the internet whilst in the salon.

Salon Connectivity Packages -24/7 Communications

24/7 Communications

Through our Soft Client Mobile App, take your salon on the go with you to stay connected 24/7.

Alternatively, with 24/7 personalised greetings, messages on hold, voicemail services, out-of -hours messages and call queuing communications, your phone lines will always be connected to drive communications. 

Salon Connectivity Packages -Call Reporting

Monitor and Manage Calls

View and export detailed reports of your calling history, enabling you to manage your team and maintain high calling standards.

From call time, missed calls and call recordings, you can easily monitor all communications to and from your salon at an instant. 

Salon Connectivity Packages - Upload and Download Speeds

Improved Upload & Download Speeds

With our business grade broadband, your salon will experience faster upload and download speeds. This will help to speed up your business operations and improve your digital infrastructure.

Salon Connectivity Packages -Multi-Site Solutions

Multi-Salon Solutions

With our telephone systems, you can seamlessly connect all of your salons and communicate between them at no additional charge at a touch of a button.

Additionally, by centralising your calls you can have a dedicated call-centre where all calls are recieved, enabling you to easily identify which salon they are calling for.

Salon Connectivity Packages -Customer Service

Enhanced Customer Service

When your salon is busy, unoccupied or closed, your callers will always be greeted to a professional and friendly message. 

Whether you choose for the message to direct callers to book online, stay on the call, leave a message or even let them know that you will call them back as soon as possible, your callers will never be left without communication.

Salon Connectivity Packages - Instant Connectivity

Instant Connectivity

Once your broadband connection has been installed, you will have instant connectivity for your staff and clients, revolutionising your digital infrastructure.

Bespoke Connectivity Packages for Salons

Select the package or offering that meets your salons requirements.

Salon Connectivity Packages Salon Connectivity Packages

Full Connectivity Package for Salons

Business Grade Broadband and Telephone System Package for Salons

Our full product connectivity package for salons provides your salon with ultimate connectivity, allowing you and your clients to stay connected at all times. 

  • Full Fibre Connection (FTTP or closest available product)
  • Wi-Fi Enabled Router – including Wi-Fi and Salon & Guest Services
  • New or Existing Main Telephone Number
  • Hosted Platform Seat Including Gold Call Package
  • Soft Client Mobile App
  • Yealink DECT Handset Included
  • £45 per month
    Salon Connectivity Packages Salon Connectivity Packages

    Bespoke Connectivity Package for Salons

    Building a bespoke package for your salon

    We know that one size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to communication and connectivity. For this reason, we will work with you to build your own bespoke package tailored towards your salon.

    From analysing your current bills, internet speeds and discussing your requirements, we can work with you to get you a better deal and build a package that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

      Phone Systems for Salons

      Wanting to upgrade your communications? We’ve got the solution

      If your salon isn’t after a package offer, we are able to provide our broadband and phone systems separately to suit your requirements.

      • Variety of handsets available, including cordless
      • Mobile App Integration 
      • Marketing Messages on Hold
      • Personalised Greetings
      • Call Queuing
      • Voicemail to Email Messages
      • Call Reporting and Analytics
      • Multi-Salon Centralised Solutions 

      Reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and never miss a call with our phone systems for salons.

        Broadband for Salons

        Elevate your salons connectivity with business grade broadband

        If your salon isn’t after a package offer, we are able to provide our broadband and phone systems separately to suit your requirements.

        • Complete Wi-Fi coverage across your salon
        • High speed connection that you can rely on
        • Handle multiple devices and applications such as mobiles, desktops, and tablets
        • Provide free client wi-fi
        • Manage content and block any inappropriate sites
        • Improved upload and download speeds

          Working in Collaboration with Salon Owners United

          Tel Group are working in close partnership with Salon Owners United as an approved connectivity supplier for salons across the UK.

          We want to invest into the sector and for that reason we have aligned our values to accommodate this. From donations to investments into local salons, we have a lot planned to solidify our partnerships.

          Enquire for your Salon Today!

          • The Diocese of Coventry Multi Academy Trust

            The Diocese of Coventry Multi Academy Trust has been working with Tel Group for a couple of years, with many of our sites using them. As a Trust we are working towards using them for all our sites.

            Tel Group have been proactive and responsive as well as providing a very competitive deal.

            The service has been excellent.

            Louise Beale, Head of Operations and Compliance
          • Three Saints Academy Trust

            We switched over to Tel Group this year. They gave us a dedicated account manager who made sure we were kept informed throughout the process and communicated with other parties on our behalf.

            The engineers were quick and professional and made sure we were comfortable with the system before they left. Where we have requested changes/help from tech support the response has been fast and helpful.

            We would recommend Tel Group to other businesses.

            Kim Sawe, School Business Manager
          • Oasis Community Learning MAT

            Tel Group was awarded the OCL telephony business in 2019, having won a competitive tender against 8 other providers – in all categories they came out on top.

            Since then, Tel Group have undertaken audits at a number of OCL academies, providing advice on switching lines and terminating those not required. I have always been impressed with David’s professionalism and resilience and his focus on what is right (and most cost effective) for the client.

            I’d be happy to speak with any other Trusts or schools and recommend their services.

            Ryan Messenger, National Procurement Manager
          • The Emmaus Federation

            We have used Tel Group for several years now, and have always been happy with the service we have received.

            Prices are competitive. Our system was installed by a professional and friendly engineer on a date to suit. Customer services are also great.

            Emma Woods, Chair of Governors
          • Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust

            Thank you so much to Tel Group for all you have done on our sites. The engineers were really helpful and everyone’s said how lovely they were.

            The excitement over the new system has been incredible – I’ve never known such communication between rooms and sites! I really appreciated your call the following morning to check we’re OK too.

            That was a great touch. All in all, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.

            Emma Fairhall, School Business Manager
            To enquire about improving your salons connectivity, get in touch!