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Digital Safeguarding for Schools

Firewall, Filtering and Monitoring for the Education Sector
Digitally safeguard your students with our Ofsted, KCSIE and DfE compliant firewall, web filtering, monitoring and well-being solutions for schools and Multi Academy Trusts (MATs).

The education sector has a duty of care to all students and a responsibility to create a safe learning environment with procedures to prevent, manage and resolve potential digital safeguarding issues. 

Our education-specific firewall, web filtering and monitoring solutions enable schools to safeguard students online without restricting their freedom to learn. 

Working with Smoothwall, the leading provider of digital safeguarding infrastructure, we can provide your school, college or MAT with customisable technology and solutions that protect students, staff, and your network – at every touch point. 

  • Smoothwall Filtering
  • Smoothwall Firewall
  • Smoothwall Monitor
  • Smoothwall Pulse

Smoothwall’s safeguarding solutions can be purchased and set up individually or as a complete e-safety infrastructure package.

It’s time to digitally safeguard your students and adhere to DfE Standards with Smoothwall and Tel Group.

Contact us to find out more about our digital safeguarding solutions for schools.

Learn more about how your school can safeguard your students online with Smoothwall!

Tel Group’s Digital Safeguarding Solutions

Smoothwall Filter, Monitor, Firewall and Pulse

Providing a complete e-safety infrastructure package.

Digital Safeguarding for Schools - Why choose Tel Group Digital Safeguarding for Schools - Why choose Tel Group

DfE Standards for Filtering and Monitoring

Meeting DfE Digital and Technology Standards

The DfE has released guidance on meeting Filtering and Monitoring Standards within education.

Filtering and monitoring are both important parts of safeguarding students and staff from potentially harmful and inappropriate online material. 

We can help your school meet the DfE regulations, block unauthorised content and websites and monitor usage.

Digital Safeguarding for Schools - Web Filtering Digital Safeguarding for Schools - Web Filtering

Smoothwall Web-Filtering

Web-Filtering for Schools

Web filtering is your school’s way of monitoring web activity and restricting access to sensitive or unsafe websites.

Smoothwall Filter protects students online with real-time, customisable filtering that blocks harmful and inappropriate content without detriment to their digital learning and teaching experience.

  • Real-time Filtering
  • True content analysis
  • Granular control
  • Hybrid deployment
Digital Safeguarding for Schools - Firewall Digital Safeguarding for Schools - Firewall

Smoothwall Firewall

Firewall for Schools

A firewall is your school’s first line of defence against cyber threats on your network that will monitor and control incoming and outgoing network traffic.

Smoothwall firewall features anti-malware protection, anonymous proxy detection & blocking, and intrusion detection & prevention to provide you with a complete all-in-one protection package, purpose-built for the education sector.

  • Next Generation Firewall
  • Layer 7 Application Control
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Digital Safeguarding for Schools - Digital Monitoring Digital Safeguarding for Schools - Digital Monitoring

Smoothwall Monitor

Digital Monitoring for Schools

Digital monitoring solutions operate in the background of your schools’ devices, analysing all user activity in real time and instantly alerting your safeguarding teams of anything unusual.

Smoothwall Monitor helps schools to proactively detect online risks before they become real-life incidents, with the software outlining what the digital incident was and who it involved, allowing you to take prompt action.

  • Proactive Real-Time Monitoring
  • Online and Offline Monitoring
  • Auto Pre-Grading
  • Alert Notifications
Digital Safeguarding for Schools - Well Being App Digital Safeguarding for Schools - Well Being App

Smoothwall Pulse App

Smoothwall Well-Being for Schools

Smoothwall Pulse is a fun and straightforward 60-second weekly check-in platform that allows students to reflect on their mental, social, and physical well-being.

All responses can be reviewed by your safeguarding team, allowing you to spot and help vulnerable students early, understand the school community’s challenges, and act with real-time data.

  • Weekly Check In
  • Identify and Support Students in Need
  • Real Time Data
  • Well-being Resources
Digital Safeguarding for Schools - Broadband Digital Safeguarding for Schools - Broadband

Broadband Packages

Delivering a fast and dependable school broadband service for schools.

Whether Tel Group or an alternative supplier provides your school’s connectivity, we can seamlessly integrate our safeguarding solutions into your school.

We can provide a complete connectivity and safeguarding package, offering a fast, secure, and dependable broadband service to ensure uninterrupted and safe internet access.

Our education broadband deals are built around your school; whether you require FTTP, SoGEA or Leased Lines, we will help your school invest in a scalable, safe and futureproof broadband solution.

Additional IT Solutions

Streamline your school’s IT with Tel Group

IT Support

IT Equipment

IT Infrastructure


Cyber Security

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