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Vape Detectors for Schools

Vape Detection Sensors for Schools

Easily manage the ongoing vaping epidemic in schools with Vape Detection Sensors.

The popularity of vaping is continuing to surge among students. Detecting and monitoring vaping is one of the most significant challenges for schools and Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) dealing with students vaping. 

At Tel Group, we will provide your school with a reliable and effective solution for detecting and preventing vaping on your premises. 

We offer an easy-to-install, fully integrated vape detection system that you can manage from anywhere on any device. 

By utilising vape detectors in your school, you can more effectively enforce smoke-free policies, increase awareness of the risks associated with vaping, and provide early intervention for students. 

It’s time to prevent students from vaping in your school with Tel Group’s vape detector solutions.




Minimise Vaping with Vape Detectors for Schools

Vape Detectors for Schools

Detect, Monitor and Manage Vaping within Your School with Vape Detectors

Vape Detectors for Schools - Sensors Vape Detectors for Schools - Sensors

Protect Students and Schools

Integrated Sensors to Prevent Vaping

Utilise vape detection sensors to help identify on-site vaping events and lessen the risk that they will reoccur in order to address the ongoing student vaping epidemic. 

Our solution will allow your school to monitor vaping, without infringing privacy. 

With the option to integrate your vape detectors into additional systems, including CCTV, you can easily identify the culprit with valid proof.

The Verkada system records vaping activities over time so your staff can identify patterns and investigate as needed. 

With the help of this innovative technology, educational institutions can improve their learning environments, making them safer and healthier while promoting a culture of responsible behaviour.

Vape Detectors for Schools - How do Vape Detectors Work? Vape Detectors for Schools - How do Vape Detectors Work?

How Vape Detectors Work

Verkada Vape Detectors
Our team will work with you to carefully plan the location of your sensors throughout your school, installing them in your most common problem areas.
These sensors will send real-time alerts via SMS and email to your administrator’s devices, notifying them when the sensor has detected a student vaping nearby, enabling your team to react immediately.
Staff can observe spikes in Verkada’s Vape Index, which compares data from several onboard sensors to determine the possibility of vaping or smoking occurring on a scale from 1 to 100.
Vape Detectors for Schools - Features Vape Detectors for Schools - Features

Features of Vape Detectors for Schools

How Vape Detectors can Improve Your School
  • Maximum Coverage – Monitor high-risk areas without infringing on privacy. 
  • Configure Alerts – Send email or SMS notifications. 
  • Respond Instantly – Gain the insights you need. 
  • Log Events Over Time – Track events to identify patterns. 
  • Access Remotely – Via web and mobile app. 
  • Air Quality Monitoring – Improve the health and safety of school environments. 
  • Deterrence – Prevent re-occurrence.

As well as vape detection, our sensors provide additional valuable insights into your premises.

  • Air Quality Index (AQI)
  • Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM 2.5)
  • Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs)
  • Temperature Relative Humidity Noise Levels
  • Motion Detection
Why Work with Tel Group for your School Vape Detector Installation Why Work with Tel Group for your School Vape Detector Installation

Why Work with Tel Group?

First Class Service, First Class Security

At Tel Group, we will work with your school to ensure that regulations go further to prevent students from vaping and that better guidance is given to assist schools in addressing the issue on all fronts. 

Our simple installation process allows these devices to be placed anywhere, allowing users to experience the benefits of 24/7 protection. 

We will conduct a site survey to determine the most suitable locations and number of sensors required to meet your school’s individual needs. 

Let us assist you in creating a new school environment where students are safe.

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Minimise Vaping with Vape Detectors for Schools
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