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Commercial CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems for Businesses

Providing protection to people, property, and assets with commercial CCTV systems

CCTV is a vital component needed to enhance your overall business security. Tel Group can provide your business with a reliable commercial CCTV solution designed with your business in mind. 
Our comprehensive range of advanced commercial CCTV surveillance systems is crucial in keeping customers, employees, and physical premises safe. It is now an essential part of any business security strategy.
Regardless of industry, CCTV can be an excellent option for any commercial property, big or small. It can monitor internal and external locations within one premises or across numerous sites from one central control.
Protecting your business requires the right CCTV solution. At Tel Group, we have decades of experience in designing, installing and maintaining bespoke systems for every business requirement, providing 24/7 surveillance to your business.
If your business wants to increase site security and have complete confidence in your staff and visitors’ safety, contact us to arrange your free site audit. 

Monitor Behaviour

Deter Criminals

Protect Assets

Contact us to upgrade your commercial CCTV solution

Commercial CCTV Systems for businesses Commercial CCTV Systems for businesses

Commercial CCTV Systems

CCTV solutions for Businesses
At Tel Group, we can install a commercial CCTV solution that will provide the highest level of coverage, bespoke to your business needs and requirements.
Our team will design, install, and maintain your business CCTV, utilising the latest surveillance technology to provide maximum coverage and accessibility.
Implementing commercial CCTV works as a deterrent for theft, vandalism, unauthorised access and trespassing, providing complete peace of mind.
  • Infrared Technology
    Utilise temperature measurement, perimeter protection and fire detection
  • ColorVu Technology
    View your footage in colour, even in complete darkness
  • Human / Object Classification
    Cameras instantly identify between humans and objects to provide an accurate representation
  • Instant Recognition
    Log familiar people, numberplates and much more for instant recognition
  • Instant Alerts and Access
    Get alerted direct to your phone when irregular activity takes place and instantly play back recordings
Benefits of installing commercial CCTV at your business Benefits of installing commercial CCTV at your business

Benefits of Installing Business CCTV

Commercial CCTV Benefits

Introducing CCTV into your business premises comes with a host of benefits, such as:

  • Behaviour Monitoring
    Instant playback allows you to monitor staff and visitor behaviour
  • Deterrence
    Deter criminals from theft, unauthorised access and vandalism
  • Asset Protection
    Protect staff, visitors and assets 
  • 24/7 Surveillance 
    Have eyes on your premises at all times
  • Remote Access
    View footage from any location, providing a second pair of eyes and ears, as well as footage recording and incident alerts
  • Health and Safety
    Provide evidence of incidents occurring on-site
  • Day-to-Night
    Expansive night view as well as colourful video even in dim lit environments
  • End-to-End Installation and Maintenance 
    Technical support and training from our team of experts
Business CCTV Camera options - Designed to your business requirements Business CCTV Camera options - Designed to your business requirements

Commercial CCTV Cameras

Which CCTV Cameras are best for your business?
From fixed cameras to those that zoom, tilt, and pan to various angles, we will ensure maximum visibility throughout your entire premises.
The type, position and number of cameras depend on the site, required locations, budget, and specific surveillance concerns. Your bespoke CCTV system will be based on your business’ requirements, which we will outline during a site survey.
We partner with leading CCTV developers to provide your business with the highest-quality hardware and software, including HikVision, Verkada and many more.
Get in touch to organise a free site audit and obtain a free quotation to enhance your business security.
Procurement Process for your Business CCTV System - Engineers fitting your commercial security systems Procurement Process for your Business CCTV System - Engineers fitting your commercial security systems

What are your next steps?

Procuring Commercial CCTV Systems
Once you have made the decision to increase your businesses security by implementing commercial CCTV or simply upgrading your current CCTV solution, the following steps are simple:
  1. Do your research and find the right solution and supplier to meet your business needs
  2. Get in touch with Tel Group to arrange a no-obligation site survey and quote
  3. Using maps of the premises, our expert security consultants will provide your business with a thorough plan for camera types and locations, highlighting the potential coverage
  4. Once agreed, we will visit the site and conduct your new CCTV installation, providing training to all necessary people 
  5. After care is vital, so we will always be on hand to answer any questions and maintain your system if required
      • Ramsden School

        Tel Group have provided us with complete security through our CCTV installation.

        I recently had to contact Tel Group as the local police wanted to view our CCTV footage and they managed to obtain the information the Police needed which seemed no problem at all.

        I am so pleased we chose Tel Group, their advice was spot on and we now have a futureproof system in place to give us the assurances we needed to keep our premises safe.”

      • Picker Elliott Estate Agents

        “I have used Tel Group for about 10 years now and have always had any issues resolve quickly and professionally.

        The whole upgrade process was dealt with very quickly and with little disruption to our business.

        The new system was set up professionally and explained to all staff. Customer service has always been a strong point.”

      • Ainsworths Pharmacy

        “We have been with Tel Group for some years and have always found them helpful, willing to go the extra mile to assist us and the Staff and Management are always quick to respond and deal with any of our issues or needs.

        Thanks to all of you for your help over the years.”

      • Re-Solv

        “Our charity has engaged Tel Group to supply our services since 2015.

        The service that Tel Group has provided over that time has been excellent. On the few occasions that we have had an issue with our service Tel Group responded immediately and quickly sorted our problem.

        I would happily recommend Tel Group to other charities.”

      • BHLC – Brunswick Hub

        “As a business customer, we cannot thank our Tel Group Account Manager enough for the swift, courteous and dependable service we always receive.

        I would happily recommend Tel Group to other businesses.”

        Get in touch to arrange your businesses free site visit and quotation for your commercial CCTV upgrade!