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Cyber Security Solutions for Schools

Cyber Security for Schools

Helping schools, colleges and MATs protect their online network against cyber-attacks.

The education sector is under increasing pressure to ensure the effective practice of cyber security procedures.

We recognise the importance of maintaining a secure school network, and our team is here to help. By offering in-depth analysis, ongoing monitoring, and first-class support, accompanied by our expertise and industry-leading software, Tel Group can give your school the security it deserves.
Our proactive approach aims to stop malware, hacking, phishing, and other threats before they reach your devices.

We offer a full suite of cyber security solutions tailored directly towards the education sector to ensure your data is protected.

  • Cyber Security Audit
  • Dark Web Scan
  • Antivirus
  • Firewall, Filtering and Monitoring
  • Cloud & Backup and Recovery
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  • IT Support Partnership

All of our cyber security solutions adhere to DfE standards and can be purchased individually or as a bundle, allowing you to solidify your network security.




Find out more about our cyber security solutions for schools:

School Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber Security Audit

Analyse your schools entire network

Firewall, Filtering & Monitoring

Protect your school devices 24/7

Dark Web Scan

Find school information leaked on the dark web

Cloud Backup & Recovery

Eliminate downtime and protect your data


Detect and remove malicious software from devices

IT Support Partnership

On-site and remote education IT support

Cyber Security for Schools

Protect your school’s online data against cyber-attacks.

How to Prevent Cyber Attacks on Schools - Cyber Security for Schools How to Prevent Cyber Attacks on Schools - Cyber Security for Schools

Cyber Attacks on Schools

A cyber attack can have significant consequences for your organisation. In addition to disrupting systems and networks, it can be costly to repair, jeopardise security measures, severely tarnish your reputation, and result in fines.
Statistics from GOV UK show that 41% of primary schools, 63% of secondary schools and 82% of colleges identified breaches or cyber-attacks within the last 12 months. Given these numbers, it’s imperative to prioritise the protection of your school’s sensitive data.
Taking simple and cost-effective measures can substantially reduce the possibility of being hacked. Tel Group can support you through this process.

Cyber Security Solutions for Schools

A suite of cyber security solutions for your school

Cyber Security Audit

Our thorough cyber security audit will delve into your network infrastructure, devices, data storage, and network security, including wireless access and anti-virus programs. We’ll also examine your internet connection to identify potential short- or long-term vulnerabilities.

Based on our findings, we will provide recommendations on addressing these issues and securing your network.

Please enquire for pricing details.

Firewall, Filtering and Monitoring

Working with Smoothwall, the leading provider of digital safeguarding infrastructure, we can provide your school, college or MAT with customisable technology and solutions that protect students, staff, and your network – at every touch point. 

This includes Smoothwall Filtering, Smoothwall Firewall, Smoothwall Monitor and Smoothwall Pulse.

Dark Web Scan

Our service will detect if any of your personal information, emails, and passwords have been exposed on the dark web, making them vulnerable to hackers.

We’ll provide guidance on the necessary steps to rectify the situation and establish reactive measures to prevent future breaches.

Please enquire for pricing details.

Cloud Backup and Recovery

Our cloud backup and disaster recovery services for schools offer a dependable, secure, and affordable way to protect your data and simplify data management procedures. 

With unlimited backup and retention, our cloud continuity backup ensures complete protection and quick recovery from everyday data loss, including ransomware, accidental deletions, hardware failure, and lost or stolen devices.

Antivirus and Endpoint Detection

Our antivirus software operates silently in the background, providing real-time protection to your school without disturbing your browsing experience.

Our advanced endpoint detection and response platforms are designed to offer a wide range of capabilities, including detection, investigation, threat hunting, and response. These features enable us to spot any suspicious endpoint activity on your devices, allowing us to respond to and eliminate threats quickly.

IT Support

Our Education IT Support Partnerships are built to your specific requirements, providing your school with flexible and bespoke support. 

We offer various Education IT support options, but essentially these fall under three core categories; On-Site, Hybrid and Remote.

School Cyber Security Case Study

Learn how we’ve helped improve our customers school cyber security

Penwortham Girls High School Case Study - Cyber Security

Penwortham Girls High School Case Study

Cyber Security | IT Support

Penwortham Girls High School Testimonial

Don’t Just take our word for it!
“There is a lot in the press about the high risk of cyber security attacks, especially in schools. We were considering whether to purchase additional insurance but were unsure how vulnerable we were. I discovered that one of LASBM’s approved partners, Tel Group, offers a Cyber Security Audit. I wanted to share this with you all as we completed it, and it was highly informative. We now have a clear picture of our network vulnerabilities – and a plan for the future. I highly recommend getting them in to complete this.
The Tel Group team really knew their stuff and were really helpful. We were shocked to see how many attempts to get into our network took place – 21,000 in just one month!! Honestly, it’s such great value for money that I thought I would share.”
Andrea Barnes – SBM – Penwortham Girls High School

Get in touch to find out how our school cyber security solutions can help protect your school.

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