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Educational Data Security

In 2021 75% of further education establishments identified a breach or cyber attack, along with 36% of primary schools and 58% of secondary schools.

Schools and colleges are responsible for a lot of personal, financial, and sensitive data and have a duty to ensure they are looking after this information securely.

At Tel Group we have the knowledge, expertise, and software to ensure your organisation’s data is always safe and protected with our school cyber security measures.

How can we help?

Our priority is to keep your network safe, whilst eliminating the risks of potential security breaches. Through upgrading your connectivity, we can proactively stop malware, hacking attempts, phishing schemes, and other threats before they reach your devices. Through customisable web-filtering, we can also stop students from accessing harmful and disruptive material on the internet.

Our first step is to commission a School Cyber Security Report which will highlight any short- or long-term vulnerabilities and what can be done to secure these potential issues. We can also undertake a Dark Web Security Report which will identify if your organisation has any passwords or emails that are likely to be hacked.

Get in touch to find out how our school cyber security reports can help protect your organisation.

School Cyber Security Report

This extensive audit will investigate your network infrastructure (including devices and data storage), network security (such as wireless access and anti-virus), and internet connection.

Our school cyber security report costs £150 for current customers and £250 for new clients.

Dark Web Compromise Report

We’ll identify if any of your emails, passwords, or general information has been leaked and are available for hackers to access through the internet.

This report costs £50 and will also advise what steps need to be put in place to rectify the issue.

Get in touch to find out how our school cyber security reports can help protect your organisation.

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