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ICT Equipment for Schools

ICT Equipment for Schools

Our wide range of ICT Equipment for schools allows you to transform the way your students learn. From Laptops, Tablets and PCs to Audio Visual Equipment, we can provide all the technology your school requires.

Specialising in providing technology solutions to schools across the UK, we understand the unique requirements the education sector holds in regards to ICT equipment.

Having supplied educational technology to over 1000 schools since 2005, we can provide your school with cutting-edge ICT equipment customised to meet your specific requirements.

  • Computer Devices
  • Audio Visual
  • Wireless Networking and Power
  • Servers and Storage
  • Printing
  • Peripherals and Accessories
  • Cabling and Connectivity
  • Communications
  • Software

We always strive to suggest the most cost-effective solution tailored to your requirements whilst adhering to DfE standards. Specialising in education technology, we can offer your school bulk discounts and exclusive education pricing. 

With our additional ICT Equipment Consultancy Service, we can assess your school’s current equipment and offer guidance and suggestions for upgrades.

Get in touch with us today to explore our extensive range of ICT equipment suitable for schools, colleges, and academies.

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ICT Equipment for Schools

Revolutionise Teaching and Learning with Tel Group’s ICT Equipment for Schools

ICT Equipment for Schools, Colleges and MATs

The education sector is increasingly dependent on technology, with classroom engagement benefiting from the integration of digital learning. 

Tel Group offers education-specific ICT equipment and software to ensure student safety and create an engaging learning environment. From interactive whiteboards to safeguarding software, these tools can help teachers create dynamic lessons that cater to different learning styles. 

With Tel Group’s support, your school can stay at the forefront of educational innovation and provide a safe and stimulating environment for learning.

Meeting DfE Digital and Technology Standards

The DfE has recently reviewed its Digital and Technology Standards, emphasising the importance of having the right devices and equipment.

This includes Laptop, Desktop and Tablets, Wireless Networking, Servers and much more.

At Tel Group, we can work with you to ensure your ICT equipment, software and process adhere to these standards.

Networking and Power

Network Switches, Routers and Bridges, Wireless Networking, Powerline, KVM Switches, Charging Trolleys, Installation and Support

To enable your staff and pupils to utilise IT effectively as part of your learning environment, a stable, secure and reliable network is essential.

Our network switches and routers enable schools to connect their IT hardware and data so that it is easily accessible and available from any location.


A3 Laser Printers, Colour Laser Printers, Inkjet and Photo, Mono Laser Printers, Plotters

Schools require printers for both academic and administrative purposes, making their printing needs more intense and demanding.

School printing should be quick, simple, and inexpensive. With extensive experience in print management, we can ensure that your printing does exactly that, recommending equipment that balances both quality and running costs for your school.  


Microsoft 365, Impero, Salamander, JAMF MDM, Sophos, Adobe, Firewall, Filtering, Monitoring

We offer a wide range of educational software licensing at competitive prices, enabling your school to utilise the necessary software across all devices. 

Our team can help you choose, deploy, upgrade and maintain the right software for your school’s requirements.

Computer Devices

Desktop PC’s, Laptops and Notebooks, Tablets, Servers, Workstations, All in Ones, Thin Client, Smartphones, Gaming Systems

With a selection of competitively priced computer devices for schools tailored directly towards the education sector, we can ensure that your establishment will always stay connected with the latest technology.


Keyboards, Mice, Carrying Case, Laptop Charges, Webcams, Office Security, Docking Stations, Scanners

We offer a wide selection of high-quality computer accessories and peripherals at competitive prices.

With a range of models, makes and brands, our team of Educational Technology Specialists can source the peripherals you require, as well as advising you on the best options available to your school. 

Cabling and Connectivity

Display Cables, Network Cables, Adapters, Storage Cables, Power Cables

Our range of cabling products and solutions will enable you to tidy up your servers and general network, helping you to always remain connected.

We offer fully tailored cabling installation and maintenance services for your school that are both dependable and provide the bandwidth required for a modern network. 

Servers and Storage

Network Attached Storage (NAS), Storage Attached (SAN), External Hard Drives, Internal Hard Drives, Flash Drives

With the increased reliance on e-learning, it’s critical that your school has the right storage and backup solution in place.

At Tel Group, we have a range of reliable and secure storage solutions which seamlessly scale to the demands of your school, allowing you to access and manage data safely and efficiently. 

Audio Visual

Computer Displays, Large Format Displays, Interactive Displays, Televisions, Projectors

The advancement of interactive classroom technology has enabled schools to make lessons more engaging, immersive and productive, leading to stronger learning outcomes. 

Our interactive devices are designed for the needs of the education sector in order to promote collaboration and make day-to-day teaching more engaging in your classroom.


Audio Video Conferencing, Headsets, Speakers, IP Telephony, Mobiles, VoIP Phones, Cordless Phones

Specialising in conferencing and communications solutions, we are experienced in installing and maintaining phone systems across the education sector.

Utilising Industry Leading ICT Equipment to meet the DfE Digital and Technology Standards

Additional IT Solutions for Schools

Upgrade Your School’s Technology with Tel Group

IT Support


Digital Safeguarding

Cloud Solutions

Cyber Security

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