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CCTV for Schools

Enhance Your Security with School CCTV Systems

Provide additional protection to your people, property, and assets by installing CCTV into your school.

CCTV is a fundamental component of any school security strategy, with safeguarding your students, staff and site of paramount importance.

Our school CCTV systems are tailored to the education sector and utilise the latest surveillance technology to give you complete confidence that your premises, students, and staff are safeguarded.

Not only is it imperative for capturing video evidence, but implementing CCTV in schools enables you to monitor behaviour, manage incidents, improve learning, and deter potential vandalism, bullying, and intruders.

From fixed cameras to those that zoom, tilt and pan, we will ensure maximum visibility and 24/7 surveillance throughout your entire premises.

With decades of experience designing, installing and maintaining bespoke CCTV systems for schools, we are confident we can transform your security processes.

Please contact us to arrange your school’s free CCTV site survey and quotation.

Monitor Behaviour

Safeguard Students

Deter Criminals

Contact us to find out how we can transform your school’s security!

CCTV for Schools

Providing an extra set of eyes and ears on your school 24/7.

CCTV in Schools, CCTV for Schools, CCTV for Education CCTV in Schools, CCTV for Schools, CCTV for Education

CCTV Systems for Schools

Enhance Your School’s Security

At Tel Group, we can design, install and maintain a school CCTV solution that will provide the highest level of coverage, bespoke to your school’s needs and requirements. 

Implementing a CCTV system throughout your school premises works as a deterrent for bullying, vandalism, unauthorised access and trespassing, providing complete peace of mind.

  • Infrared Technology
    Utilise temperature measurement, perimeter protection and fire detection.
  • ColorVu Technology
    View your footage in colour, even in complete darkness and dim-lit environments.
  • Human / Object Classification 
    Cameras instantly identify between humans and objects to provide an accurate representation.
  • Instant Recognition
    Log familiar people, number plates and much more for instant recognition.
  • Instant Alerts and Access
    Get alerted direct to your phone when irregular activity takes place and instantly play back recordings.
Benefits of CCTV in Schools, CCTV for Schools, CCTV for Education Benefits of CCTV in Schools, CCTV for Schools, CCTV for Education

Benefits of Installing CCTV in Schools

Provide Complete Protection

Our school CCTV systems are perfectly designed for the specific safeguarding challenges the school environment faces and include:

  • Remote Access 
    Allowing you a second pair of eyes and ears at all times, no matter your location.
  • Crime Deterrent
    CCTV in schools helps to deter vandalism and theft, whilst also providing evidence.
  • Staff Protection
    Allows staff to feel safeguarded from any threats from intruders, students, or colleagues.
  • Improved Incident Management
    Review footage to ensure the appropriate incident management is taking place and provide evidence of incidents occurring on-site.
  • Monitoring Behaviour
    CCTV in schools can monitor bullying in order to improve student behaviour.
  • OFSTED Compliance
    Implementing CCTV security systems will not only help you meet Ofsted guidelines but also create a safer, more secure school environment.
  • End-to-End Installation and Maintenance 
    Technical support and training from our team of experts.
    Types of CCTV Cameras in Schools, CCTV for Schools, CCTV for Education Types of CCTV Cameras in Schools, CCTV for Schools, CCTV for Education

    Types of CCTV Cameras in Schools

    Finding the Perfect Cameras for Your Requirements

    From fixed cameras to those that zoom, tilt, and pan to various angles, we will ensure maximum visibility throughout your entire premises.

    Your bespoke CCTV system will be based on your school’s requirements, which we will outline during a site survey.

    The type, position and number of cameras depend on the site, required locations, budget, and specific surveillance concerns. 

    Our CCTV systems can monitor internal and external locations within one premises or across numerous sites from one central control. 

    We partner with leading CCTV developers to provide your business with the highest-quality hardware and software, including HikVisionVerkada and many more.

    CCTV in Schools, CCTV for Schools, CCTV for Education CCTV in Schools, CCTV for Schools, CCTV for Education

    The CCTV Installation Process

    Designing, Installing and Maintaining Your CCTV System
    Once you’ve decided to increase your school security by implementing or upgrading your CCTV, we’ll take care of the rest!
    1. Get in touch with Tel Group to arrange a no-obligation site survey and quote.
    2. Using maps of the premises, our expert security consultants will provide your school with a thorough plan, detailing camera types and locations and highlighting the potential coverage.
    3. Once agreed, we will visit the site and conduct your new CCTV installation, providing training to all necessary people.
    4. After care is vital, so we will always be on hand to answer any questions and maintain your system if required.

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        It’s time to transform your school security with Tel Group’s CCTV solutions!
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