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Business Phone Systems

Telephone Systems for Businesses

Stay connected to your customers and improve your team communication with business phone systems that will increase efficiency and reduce costs.

We have been specialising in business communication solutions since 2005, so we understand the importance of implementing the right phone system to match your businesses requirements.
Whether you are a small, medium or large business, our business phone systems will provide unrivalled functionality and the tools required to enhance day-to-day operations, staff productivity and customer experience. 
Our feature-rich VoIP and PBX business phone systems are flexible and scalable, enabling your system to grow with your business while staying within budget. 
As every UK business must switch to IP technology by 2027, now is the time to get ahead of the curve and upgrade your current outdated system to boost your business operations for now and in the future. Find out more about the BT Switch Off here.
If your business is ready to explore a telephone system upgrade, contact us to arrange your free site audit. Let us show you how we can improve your working efficiency and communications.
To find out more, please contact us

Business Phone Systems - VoIP, Sip and PBX on-premise and Cloud Systems Business Phone Systems - VoIP, Sip and PBX on-premise and Cloud Systems

Business Phone Systems

We believe in offering suitable phone systems that meet our customers’ exact needs, whether on-premises or a cloud-based business phone system.
From VoIP to SIP and PBX, we can help you select the right system for your business. Regardless of your preference, all our systems come with a host of benefits:
  • Cost-effective
    Charges for internet-based phone lines and calls are much cheaper than using traditional lines
  • Minimal set-up and maintenance costs
    With minimal hardware on-site, there’s no need for expensive upfront investment or costly engineer callouts
  • Help is always at hand
    For any issues with your business phone system, just give us a call or submit a ticket and our team will resolve them quickly and remotely
  • Remote working
    Staff can connect from anywhere, whether that be through their mobiles, handsets or laptops
  • Flexibility
    We can accommodate an unlimited number of phones, across several sites. New users can be activated instantly, and lines can be easily added or removed
  • Wide range of features
    Our business phones systems can be configured to create the perfect bundle of features to suit the needs of your business – from video calling and instant messaging to calendar integration and call queuing
Business Phone System Features - VoIP, Sip and PBX on-premise and Cloud Systems Business Phone System Features - VoIP, Sip and PBX on-premise and Cloud Systems

Business Phone System Features

Our business phone systems offer a wide range of valuable and practical features, all designed to save time or improve communications, such as:

  • Auto-Attendant Facility
    Routes incoming calls to the right person or department
  • Queuing, Logging & Reporting
    Callers are placed in a queue, notified of their position, and transferred when a line is available
  • Automatic Open & Close Times
    Callers phoning outside regular hours will be informed your office is closed, and will have the option to leave a message
  • Voicemail Integration
    Callers can leave a voicemail upon pressing an option or after a certain amount of time, and this can be forwarded as an email attachment
  • Mobile Extension
    Extension numbers can be redirected to a mobile app
  • Conference Calling and Remote Working
    Hassle-free collaboration to bring customers, employees or suppliers together quickly and easily
  • Hot Desking
    Hybrid workers who share spaces can log onto a shared phone that immediately works as their own
  • Call recording
    Our GDPR and FSA compliant call recording allows you to capture the details of every call
Business Telephone System Upgrade to Prepare for the 2025 BT Switch Off - VoIP, Sip and PBX on-premise and Cloud Systems Business Telephone System Upgrade to Prepare for the 2025 BT Switch Off - VoIP, Sip and PBX on-premise and Cloud Systems

BT Switch Off

BT has started to phase out its digital and analogue lines, with the intention to switch off these lines for good by January 2027.
Your business will therefore be forced to replace these lines to make way for the newer, cheaper and more efficient alternatives, VoIP and SIP. Therefore, upgrading your business telephone system is essential to remain connected.
  • VoIP  Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP is the most popular modern alternative to PSTN lines and allows you to make and receive phone calls over the internet.
  • SIP  Session Initiation Protocol. SIP is a highly flexible technology that enables you to send and receive multimedia data, e.g., video and voice calls.

Now is the time to get ahead of the change and upgrade your business phone system before they become obsolete.

Get in touch to organise a free site audit and obtain a free quotation to determine how much you’ll save!

The benefits of using Tel Group for your Business Phone System upgrade The benefits of using Tel Group for your Business Phone System upgrade

Benefits of using Tel Group

As experts in business communication solutions, we understand the requirements all sectors face when selecting an appropriate phone system.

  • We have supplied, installed and maintained reliable and secure phone systems to UK businesses since 2005, working with over 1000 organisations
  • Tel Group partner with leading communications suppliers to provide your business with the most feature reach handsets, including Yealink, Grandstream and much more.
  • All our business phone systems utilise full encryption to meet GDPR standards for phone calls, call recording, call reporting and voicemails
  • Working with a UK Tier 3 Data Centre, we can arrange for recordings to be stored online to ensure full GDPR and FSA compliance
  • We know that organisations’ needs change all the time, and all of our systems are built to be scalable to accommodate any future requirements
  • Our customer-focused approach means we are confident your business will be happy with our overall service, from the sales process to installation and aftercare 
  • Picker Elliott Estate Agents

    “I have used Tel Group for about 10 years now and have always had any issues resolve quickly and professionally.

    We have recently switched to their VOIP service. The whole process was dealt with very quickly and with little disruption to our business.

    The new system was set up professionally and explained to all staff. Customer service has always been a strong point.”

  • Ainsworths Pharmacy

    “We have been with Tel Group for some years and have always found them helpful, willing to go the extra mile to assist us and the Staff and Management are always quick to respond and deal with any of our issues or needs.

    Special thanks to: Tallulah, Jordan, Julianne, Dave, Kieran, Skye and the lovely Gentleman who came down from Birmingham with Jordan to install our new Telephone system.

    Thanks to all of you for your help over the years.”

  • Re-Solv

    “Our charity has engaged Tel Group to supply our telephone and broadband services since 2015.

    The service that Tel Group has provided over that time has been excellent. On the few occasions that we have had an issue with our service Tel Group responded immediately and quickly sorted our problem.

    I would happily recommend Tel Group to other charities.”

  • BHLC – Brunswick Hub

    “As a business customer, we cannot thank our Tel Group Account Manager enough for the swift, courteous and dependable service we always receive.

    I would happily recommend Tel Group to other businesses.”

    Get in touch to arrange a quotation for your business telephone system upgrade!