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Prepared for emergency
In the world we live in, none of us knows what’s around the corner, and we want to help schools and colleges be as safe as they possibly can.

So we work with many of our clients to ensure they are prepared for an emergency situation by setting up and training them on a telephone paging system which quickly and easily communicates a threat to all individuals on the premises.

The threat could be from an intruder on site or in the local area, a dangerous animal in the grounds, a fire, a local disturbance, or air pollution. Whatever the threat, it’s important to communicate this fast and clearly to all individuals concerned. Flashing lights or different alarm sounds can be confusing – so a simple message will give clear instructions in a very stressful situation.

Contact us to help you plan and implement a bespoke school lockdown system

Telephone paging systemTelephone paging system

Telephone paging system

This simple but effective system will alert the authorities, as well as conveying a warning message to teachers and rooms all over the school in the event of a threat.

Messages are pre-recorded so can be activated easily and quickly when required, from any handset or even remotely, notifying teachers that they need to get pupils and themselves to a safe place. The paging system can also be connected to existing public address (PA) speakers, so those outside can be reached.

dome cctv camera in schooldome cctv camera in school

Lockdown equipment

The telephone paging system can connect to more than just phone handsets, such as:

  • IP phones – connect every classroom with an IP phone so they can receive vital communications
  • Mobile phones – mobile devices with software installed can remotely access the lockdown system
  • IP Speakers – these can provide an audio warning
  • CCTV – allows organisations to keep eyes on the situation at all times as well as communicate with two-way audio
  • Strobe lights – these offer a visual warning that lockdown has been activated, perfect for the hearing impaired and for outside areas
  • Digital signage – provide visible messages and voice warnings for large areas such as swimming pools and gyms
Working with Tel Group.

We can help plan and implement a bespoke school lockdown system for your organisation. To arrange a demonstration of our lockdown system please contact us.

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