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School Lockdown Systems

Transform your Lockdown Procedure with Tel Group
Communicate any emergency situation quickly and discreetly from anywhere with our Lockdown Systems for Schools.
It is vital for schools to have security solutions and procedures in place to ensure all individuals are protected from harmful situations whilst on the school site.
At Tel Group, we work with our clients to ensure they are prepared for all emergencies. Our school lockdown systems play a massive part in achieving this, allowing a lockdown procedure to be planned and executed effectively.
Our school lockdown systems have been designed to facilitate a clear, audible and visual communication throughout the premises in an emergency, alerting staff and students of the threat at hand with minimal disruption.
Lockdown procedures can be utilised in a range of scenarios and are in place to ensure school safety. Whether the threat is a natural disaster or an intruder on-site, it is imperative that schools are equipped to handle emergencies of all types.
We understand the importance of having an emergency lockdown system in place, and we’re here to help schools and MATs implement one. We work with our clients from start to finish to ensure that the system is tailored to their specific needs and budget.
Don’t wait until it’s too late; contact us today to learn more about our school lockdown systems.




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Lockdown Systems for Schools

Be prepared for any emergency situation on your school premises.

What is a school lockdown system? Lockdown Systems for Schools, the benefits of a lockdown procedure What is a school lockdown system? Lockdown Systems for Schools, the benefits of a lockdown procedure

What is an Emergency Lockdown System?

Lockdown Systems for Schools
A school lockdown intruder system allows you to instantly communicate any situation around your school site, regardless of your location.
Utilising live and pre-recorded messages, you can alert staff and students, inform the authorities, secure the premises and quickly get everyone safe in an emergency.
With fast, clear communication and complete ease of use, our lockdown systems have a proven record for their reliability, safety, and resilience. This makes it a perfect choice for any educational institution looking to bolster its lockdown procedure.
Integrated Lockdown Equipment - School Lockdown Systems and Procedures Integrated Lockdown Equipment - School Lockdown Systems and Procedures

Integrated Lockdown Equipment

Connect New and Existing Equipment

Our school lockdown systems can connect to existing technology to audibly and visually alert staff and students:

  • VoIP Phones – VoIP phones can be used to trigger the lockdown alert and communicate between rooms
  • Mobile phones – Staff mobiles can remotely access and trigger the lockdown system
  • Speakers – Speakers can announce a live or pre-recorded audio message throughout the school
  • Strobe lights – Strobe lights offer a visual warning that lockdown has been activated
  • Digital signageVisible messages for large areas such as swimming pools and gyms
  • Interactive Screens – Lockdown messages can be displayed on screens across the premises
  • Paxton Door Access – Linking to your access control to manage doors during a lockdown

These communications are not limited to lockdown scenarios and can be uses to deliver regular messaging or play music between lessons.

Tel Group - School Lockdown Solutions - Keeping your school safe in the event of an emergency with School Lockdown Procedures  Tel Group - School Lockdown Solutions - Keeping your school safe in the event of an emergency with School Lockdown Procedures

Current Advice and Guidance

The Current Advice Regarding School Lockdown Procedures

Safety in schools is crucial for staff, visitors and pupils, with school officials having a duty of care and a legal responsibility to provide a safe environment.

The NASUWT has called for schools to have a concrete protocol to use during a lockdown. Therefore, it is imperative that to ensure staff and pupil safety, your school adopts a lockdown plan.

Direct advice from The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) states that fire alarms should be avoided during a lockdown to reduce incorrect responses to the incident.

Lockdown Systems for Schools - The Installation Process Lockdown Systems for Schools - The Installation Process

The Lockdown Installation Process

Designing, Installing and Maintaining your Lockdown System
Once you decide to increase your school security by implementing a lockdown system, we’ll take care of the rest!

  1. Get in touch with Tel Group to arrange a no-obligation site survey and quote.
  2. Using maps of the premises, our expert security consultants will provide your school with a thorough plan of your new lockdown system.
  3. Once agreed, we will visit the site and conduct your new lockdown system installation, providing training to all necessary people.
  4. Aftercare is vital, so we will always be on hand to answer any questions and maintain your system if required.

Protect Your Staff and Students with a School Lockdown System

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Maximise school security with Tel Group.

We can help plan and implement a bespoke school lockdown system for your organisation. To arrange a demonstration of our lockdown system please contact us.

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