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01 November, 2021

Tel Group – formerly Telephone Europe : The Rebrand Story

01 November, 2021

As Telephone Europe, we have established our reputation over the past sixteen years as a communications supplier that you can trust. Established in 2005, Telephone Europe has gone from strength to strength, but it’s now time for our journey to evolve further.

With a vision to provide businesses and education establishments with a centralised technology centre, we have gradually set our focus on widening the scope of our business. As the name suggests, Telephone Europe first opened operations with a focus on providing Business Telephone Systems to the education and commercial sector in order to increase features, abilities and communications. However, as we move towards a technology dependant world, the use of Technology has developed, and the demand within schools and businesses for such features is increasing. Accordingly, over the years our services have expanded and Telephone Europe has become more than just a telephone company, seeing us undertaking new projects and challenges, resulting in our “other services” now becoming just as common to the team as our telephone services.

With growth comes change, and we knew that as we took steps towards exciting new ventures, our visual identity needed to reflect this. We therefore are pleased to introduce to you, Tel Group.

Our rapidly expanding offerings to the sector include the introduction of additional communication services, security systems as well as IT requirements. This has led to our identity requiring a revamp – in order to match our internal visions with our company name and developed areas of expertise. Tel Group is a reflection of our broadened range of solutions – as Tel Group we will continue to grow and develop through focusing on what we do best – delivering affordable, reliable and robust solutions to the business and education sector. 

Tel Group will continue to stand for everything that Telephone Europe stood for, only with a more accurate representative of who we are today as a company and the services we provide. We are looking forward to starting our new chapter, and hope that you can support us through this journey!

“Technology is evolving and so is our business. Over the past 5 years Telephone Europe has become more than just a telephone company and effectively we’ve become a strategic I.T partner with many of our school customers. We’ve therefore made the decision to make a small tweak to our name going from Telephone Europe to Tel group and we can’t wait for what the future brings.

We appreciate a rebrand can come with questions such as, Are they the same company? Do they have the same staff? Has the ownership changed? But I can 100% confirm that we are still the same company on the inside, it’s just the outside that has changed. You will still deal with the same customer service team, the same technical/engineering team and all other departments also remain the same. There has been zero changes to the management and ownership structure and the business will continue to be headed by myself, no differently to before. 

The team look forward to continuing to work with all our customers and to discuss other areas we can support. If you do have any questions or queries on this change please do feel free to get in touch.”

David Murphy – Director of Tel Group.