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The Trust Capacity Fund (TCaF)

The DfE’s Trust Capacity Fund (TCaF)

Is your MAT eligible for up to £750,000 funding towards your trust growth projects and activities?

What is the Trust Capacity Fund?

The Trust Capacity Fund (TCaF) is an £86 million funding initiative, designed to support sustainable formation and growth of multi-academy trusts. 

This initiative supports growth projects for high-performing trusts, and successful schools forming trusts, to take on underperforming schools in education investment areas. Successful applicants can be awarded up to £750,000 in funding to enhance their growth potential.

Who is eligible?

Applying for TCaF 2023-2025 is exclusive to academy trusts or local authority-maintained schools in England. To qualify, the Education and Skills Funding Agency must recognise that your organisation is financially stable and you must have an authorised growth project approved by a regional director.

Application Details

For TCaF 2023-2025, applications must be made between 1 November 2023 and 25 June 2024, depending on which window you are in.

To access more information about TCaF and to download and return your application form, please visit the governments webpage.

Alternative Funding

If your trust isn’t eligible for the Trust Capacity Fund, you may be eligible for the DfE’s alternative Trust Establishment and Growth Fund (TEG) which supports the creation of new MATs and expansion of existing MATs into a new area.

Eligible Activities for TCaF

Strengthening a trust’s central capacity

Activities funded by the TCaF must be focused on strengthening a trust’s central capacity, this can include:

  • Establishing new central processes such as IT.
  • Specialist IT advice to build permanent capacity for growth.
  • Training and continuing professional development for staff.
  • New staffing posts within the central trust team.
  • Reasonable relocation costs for moving staff to new regions.
  • Audit fees in advance for the assurance of this grant funding.

Supporting your TCaF Activities

Tel Group will help you navigate your IT growth strategy

Since the rise of MATs, we’ve been helping trusts centralise their ICT processes. If your trust is seeking to improve its IT strategy using the TCaF, our team can assist you throughout the entire process, from consultation to deployment.

  • Staffing of Central Team IT Technicians.
  • Specialist IT Procurement, Strategy and Development Advice.
  • IT Development Solutions (including server migrations, software and service procurement to centralise functions).
  • Central Cyber Security Audits.

Invest your TCaF into your IT Growth Strategy with Tel Group!
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