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12 April, 2022

Enhance your Education IT Strategy to Optimise Digital Learning

12 April, 2022

The reliance on education technology is at its highest, but has your school adapted it’s education IT Strategy to align to this?

The standards of technology within educational establishments are improving and adapting accordingly year on year. Schools have consequently become increasingly reliant on their IT infrastructure to complete day to day operations. Have you aligned your school’s education IT strategy to align to this?

The recent pandemic emphasised the critical need for a solid digital infrastructure within schools. Not only through the curriculum and digital learning, but communications in and out of premises.

Problems schools face with their IT strategy

As schools have adapted and started to incorporate multiple networked devices, it has been increasingly difficult for them to ensure reliability, safety and efficiency across networks. This has further proven the fundamental need for robust IT strategies within the education sector, supporting the delivery of reliable digital infrastructures which combine safety and efficiency.

Currently, many educational establishments are hindered by outdated technology, restricting the resources, tools and platforms available to them. Commissioning an efficient IT strategy can therefore make teaching and learning easier, inside an often busy and stressful environment.

The education sector has become a top hacker target, seeing 56% of educational establishments identifying a cyber-attack in 2021 (GOV UK Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021). This figure continues to grow, especially as schools transition over to a digitally focused infrastructure.

 An immersive and invincible IT strategy for schools

Your IT strategy should enable your school to achieve its aims, while ensuring that your overall infrastructure remains virtually invisible.

Tel Group are focused on the education sector, working within 1000+ schools to understand the unique challenges they face. Helping schools do more with their budgets, as well as with any of their one-off or ongoing IT needs.

Working with a strategic IT partner will not only enhance your IT strategy, but it will provide an immersive learning environment for your pupils. This will alleviate pressure and provide the IT support you require, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

IT support, services and solutions for Education.

Tel Group’s plethora of IT services and support opportunities will empower your systems, staff and students with a faster, futureproof and collaborative network. Resulting in a sufficient software and strategy for your bespoke needs, both now and in the future.

IT Support Packages

A variety of IT support is available, from the first point of contact, right the way through to your future IT infrastructure requirements. Tel Group offer regular site visits, remote support, training, and a fully managed service.

Devices & Hardware

Hardware is essential to reimagine your classrooms, Tel Group can provide solutions such as tablets, mobiles, laptops, pcs and interactive boards, along with set up and configuration.

Wi-Fi and Broadband

Tel Group provide a secure, scalable, and high-speed Wi-Fi & Broadband solution to meet your demand. Enabling unlimited devices to instantly connect to your network without disruption to operations.

Network Security

With Tel Group’s suite of cyber security services, your school will be protected against potential cyber-attacks. Solutions include a Network Cyber Security Analysis, a Dark Web Compromise Audit and an extensive Penetration Test.

Firewall and Web Filtering

Utilising full encryption to keep personal data secure with hourly updates and monitoring to ensure students and staff are protected from inappropriate and insecure websites.

Tel Group can provide a free comprehensive IT audit to examine your current IT infrastructure and strategy. From here, a fully tailored IT roadmap can be built to enhance your IT strategy.