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12 August, 2021

Telephone Europe become approved partners of ANME

12 August, 2021

We are pleased to announce that we are now approved partners of ANME, Association of Network Managers in Education.

We are thrilled to announce that Tel Group are now the new approved partners of ANME, expanding our partnership of the regional forums to an incredible 15 and counting! We sincerely look forward to collaborating with all the members of ANME, and developing a long-established relationship.

We are delighted that we are in such a favorable position which enables us to be able to partner with such valuable forum groups. Ensuring that we support ANME in building and providing effective services, through our knowledge and assistance. We aim to support ANME in sustaining efficient networking facilities and services.

Offering tailored telecommunications solutions to the education sector for the past 15 years. We are dedicated to developing and supporting a network of school business professionals, in order to help broaden their schools abilities, as well as providing and sustaining professional services.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that ANME is saving money, through our exclusive offers, bespoke services, sponsorships, competitions and donations. We are excited to build upon our present network of school business professionals, and we look forward to collaborating with ANME in the upcoming months.

We are happy to have become approved partners with ANME, adding them to our growing list of regional forum groups, which currently consist of BASBM, WASBM, SYSYBLE, SGSBL, M&TSBL, DASBM, HEYSBL, SEBA Solihull SBM, Berkshire SBM, ABBLed, Sandwell SBM, LASBM & DSBM. 

We understand how essential it is for sbms to communicate and share their knowledge, which is why we continue to put forth our efforts into continuously supporting a wide range of regional groups. 

The Tel Group team is always seeking new ways to expand our network, and strengthen our current connections. So if you are aware of any regional groups that may be of interest, which we aren’t currently apart of, please feel free to get in touch.