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17 May, 2022

Free Download: Telecoms Review Format

17 May, 2022

The decision to review and upgrade your schools current telephony is a vital process, but where should you start?

Steal our free Telecoms Review Template for MATs and individual schools to get started on the path of upgrading.

As technology advances, upgrading your systems becomes inevitable. However, the thought of getting started on this can be overwhelming, with no clear direction on exactly where to start. We have therefore put together a template telecoms review format to help you get started on this process.

Our free download details all the points you need to consider when moving away from your current supplier and upgrading. Plus, all the details you will need to collect to plan a smooth transition. From contract start dates, to hidden cancellation costs, utilising this template will ensure that no important aspects are missed, nor are corners cut.

Whether you are a MAT looking to seamlessly centralise your entire telecoms strategy, or an individual school looking to switch suppliers, we have the details you need.

Multi Academy Trust Telecoms Review Free Template

Many MATs strive to move towards centralised procurement models to maintain the processes at a trust-wide level. This opens the MAT up to the benefits of a centralised system, contributing towards an efficient operation across the trust. However, with MATs consisting of many schools, being able to streamline this process may cause confusion, additional costs and resulting in vital information being missed.

We have therefore put together a spreadsheet for MATs, allowing you to seamlessly plan the whole transition to a centralised trust. Download our free MAT Telecoms Review Format below:

School Telecoms Review Free Template

Although individual schools will only be completing this process for one school, it can still be overwhelming and difficult to pinpoint where to start. We have therefore created a free telecoms review template for singular schools to ensure that nothing is missed and additional costs aren’t incurred. Download our free School Telecoms Review Format below:

Are you ready to get started on the path of upgrading your MAT or schools telephone systems? Get in touch and we can help!