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Telecoms for Multi Academy Trusts

VoIP Telecoms for Multi Academy Trusts

Tel Group have installed fully integrated telephone systems to Multi Academy Trusts since 2005 and are proud to have worked with over 1000 educational establishments during this time.

Specialising in technology and communications for the education sector, we understand the unique requirements faced by Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) when procuring and sustaining their telecoms strategy.

The education sector has recently seen a rapid increase in Multi Academy Trusts in the UK. With the government aiming for all schools to become academies by 2030, the number of schools forming and joining Multi Academy Trusts each year will continue to increase.

However, due to this sudden transition to an Multi Academy Trust focused education system, a high percentage of MATs haven’t yet got round to identifying a coherent telecoms procurement strategy.

Many Multi Academy Trusts, of varying sizes, strive to move towards the centralised telecoms model, which helps to maintain the processes at a trust-wide level in order to enjoy the wide range of benefits provided.

At Tel Group, we have worked with a number of Multi Academy Trusts to provide the latest technology and communication solutions. Tailoring our VoIP Telecoms for Multi Academy Trusts, we are able to provide a complete centralsied service bespoke to the individual needs of your MAT.

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Hosted Phone Systems Hosted Phone Systems

The challenges of Telecoms for Multi Academy Trusts

A high percentage of MATs have not yet identified a coherent and integrated telecommunication procurement strategy across their schools.

  • Multiple Telephone Systems
    MATs face a number of inefficiencies due to varying systems within schools, creating challenges with staff across sites.
  • Multiple Telecoms Suppliers
    MATs tend to have a varying number of telecoms suppliers across the trust, leading to differences in pricing, contracts and contact points.
  • Being overcharged by suppliers
    With different suppliers comes different pricing. Schools within MATs are likely to be overcharged.
  • The need for expertise
    Implementing a telecoms strategy involves expert knowledge to identify cost savings and areas where technology requires an update.
  • Scalability and integration issues
    MATs can face scalability issues when additional schools join the trust, as well as experiencing a lack of integration between schools and head office.
  • Finding the perfect supplier
    It is clear there are many suppliers of telecoms for Multi Academy Trusts, but not all of them are going to be right for your MAT. 
VoIP Telecoms for Multi Academy Trusts - Tel Group VoIP Telecoms for Multi Academy Trusts - Tel Group

The benefits of VoIP Telecoms for Multi Academy Trusts

We have developed our VoIP phone systems specifically for Multi Academy Trusts, allowing us to offer the most desirable and efficient features. providing flexibility, control and cost savings across your trust.

  • Cost savings across the trust
    Charges for calls are much cheaper than using traditional lines, and we offer an exclusive trust wide pricing.
  • Free calls between sites
    We will not charge you a penny for any calls you make between your trusts schools.
  • Keep existing numbers
    When you switch your telecoms to us, we will make sure all your existing numbers remain the same.
  • Flexibility
    With our VoIP phone system for schools we can accommodate an unlimited number of phones, across several sites. 
  • Future-proof
    Tailored to your MAT’s changing needs, a centralised system is built for scalability and will accommodate any future requirements. New users can be activated instantly, and lines can be easily added or removed.
    Centralised MAT telecoms solutions - VoIP Telecoms for Multi Academy Trusts Centralised MAT telecoms solutions - VoIP Telecoms for Multi Academy Trusts

    Why should your Multi Academy Trust centralise your telecoms?

    It is important to ensure your MAT is positioned in a way that will help improve standards, cut unnecessary costs and transform your infrastructure. At Tel Group, we can help your trust do this by implementing a centralised solution.

    • Unify a group of previously unconnected academies by integrating their communications to lower costs and enhance performance.

    • Move your system across to one supplier, allowing seamless connection between premises and one point of call, helping to reduce any inefficiencies.

    • Utilise your existing internet to carry phone calls instead of traditional phone lines. VoIP also comes with a host of new features that will improve productivity, safety and management.

    • A centralised system offers on-going savings with free phone calls between all connected MAT sites.
        Woman using Features of our Hosted Phone Systems Woman using Features of our Hosted Phone Systems

        Features of VoIP telecoms for Multi Academy Trusts

        Our VoIP phone systems for Multi Academy Trusts offer a wide range of useful and practical features

        • Auto-Attendant Facility
          Press 1 for absence…
        • Queuing, Logging & Reporting
          Callers are placed in a queue, notified of their position, and transferred when a line is available
        • Automatic Open & Close Times
          Callers phoning outside normal hours will be informed your office is closed, and will have the option to leave a message
        • Emergency Broadcasting
          Our emergency paging system can be integrated to your telephone system and activated instantly to alert students, staff and the authorities
        • Voicemail Integration
          Callers can leave a voicemail which can also be forwarded as an email attachment
        • Mobile Extension
          Extension numbers can be redirected to a mobile app
        • Remote School Closure Message Change
          The greeting message can be changed remotely to communicate school closures or other important information
        • Remote Working
        • Integration with Student Information Systems
          The phone system can integrate with information and management systems to improve the efficiency of the schools’ working practices
        • Call recording
          Our GDPR and FSA compliant call recording allows you to capture the details of every call
        VoIP Telecoms for Multi Academy Trusts - Why choose Tel Group VoIP Telecoms for Multi Academy Trusts - Why choose Tel Group

        Why choose Tel Group for your Multi Academy Trust’s telecoms strategy?

        As experts in the educational sector, we know the safeguarding and legal parameters that schools need to work to.

        • Since 2005, we have worked with schools and Multi Academy Trusts to reduce costs, enhance safety and manage communications seamlessly across premises.
        • We listen to you and your individual challenges to create a bespoke solution.
        • We share your vision and will work with your trust from start to finish, continuing to provide ongoing support and training where required.
        • We support your trust on a growth journey, we are a strategic partner who can provide expertise and support as you expand.

        Whether you’re at the start of your journey as a Trust, or a longstanding Trust looking to make better use of resources, your centralised systems are completely tailored to the efficiencies you are looking for when it comes to telecoms.

        • The Diocese of Coventry Multi Academy Trust

          The Diocese of Coventry Multi Academy Trust has been working with Tel Group for a couple of years, with many of our schools using them for Telephony. As a Trust we are working towards using them for telephony for all our academies.

          Tel Group have been proactive and responsive as well as providing a very competitive deal for our schools.

          The service has been excellent.

          Louise Beale, Head of Operations and Compliance
        • Three Saints Academy Trust

          We switched our school phones over to VOIP with Tel Group this year. They gave us a dedicated account manager who made sure we were kept informed throughout the process and communicated with other parties on our behalf.

          The engineers were quick and professional and made sure we were comfortable with the system before they left. Where we have requested changes/help from tech support the response has been fast and helpful.

          We would recommend Tel Group to other schools.

          Kim Sawe, School Business Manager
        • Oasis Community Learning MAT

          Tel Group was awarded the OCL telephony business in 2019, having won a competitive tender against 8 other providers – in all categories they came out on top.

          Since then, Tel Group have undertaken audits at a number of OCL academies, providing advice on switching lines and terminating those not required. I have always been impressed with David’s professionalism and resilience and his focus on what is right (and most cost effective) for the client.

          I’d be happy to speak with any other Trusts or schools and recommend their services.

          Ryan Messenger, National Procurement Manager
        • The Emmaus Federation

          We have used Tel Group to provide the phone system in our schools for several years now, and have always been happy with the service we have received.

          Prices are competitive. We have recently moved over to a VOIP system which was installed by a professional and friendly engineer on a date to suit.

          When we were working remotely during the height of the pandemic, it was easy to transfer calls to our mobiles. Customer services are also great.

          Emma Woods, Chair of Governors
        • Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust

          Thank you so much to Tel Group for all you have done in our schools. The engineers were really helpful and everyone’s said how lovely they were.

          The excitement over new phones has been incredible – I’ve never known such communication between classrooms! I really appreciated your call the following morning to check we’re OK too.

          That was a great touch. All in all, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.

          Emma Fairhall, School Business Manager

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          • The Emmaus Federation - Tel Group
          • Oasis Academy Enfield MAT - Tel Group
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          • Diocese of Coventry Multi Academy Trust - Tel Group
          • MATA - Multi Academy Trust Association - Tel Group
          • NAMAT - National Association of Multi Academy Trusts Sponsors - Education IT Suppliers
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