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04 December, 2023

Grow your MAT with the DfE’s Trust Capacity Fund (TCaF)

04 December, 2023

Tel Group can support your trusts growth and development with the Trust Capacity Fund.

The Trust Capacity Fund provides a funding opportunity from the Department for Education to strengthen trusts’ central capacity for growth. At Tel Group, we can guide you through the process and help you understand the criteria and eligible activities for spending.

What is TCaF?

TCaF 2023-2025 is a competitive grant fund available to help form and grow trusts. It has a focus on supporting high quality trusts, and high-quality schools forming trusts, to take on underperforming schools in education investment areas (EIAs).

This funding provides an excellent opportunity for schools and trusts to implement long-term improvements to trust-wide central support functions, better preparing trusts for future development.

All local authority-maintained schools and academy trusts in England can apply if they are considered by the Education and Skills Funding Agency to be of sound financial health. Your TCaF application must be linked to a clearly defined growth project that has been approved by your Regional Director.

For TCaF 2023-2025, applications must be made between 1 November 2023 and 25 June 2024, depending on which window you are in.

How can your MAT Submit a Successful Bid?

Eligible applications must be linked to a growth project approved by a regional director at which point the quality of a trust will be considered. You should ensure your application clearly shows how you meet the assessment criteria that support the scheme’s specific geographical and contextual priorities.

Applications which involve taking on multiple schools are more likely to be successful within each strand. 

To view the full assessment criteria and apply for funding visit the government website –

How can Tel Group assist your MAT?

At Tel Group, we provide scalable and reliable centralised technology solutions to help facilitate your MATs growth supporting the TCaFs eligible activities.

If your trust is seeking to improve its IT strategy using the TCaF, our team can assist you throughout the entire process, from consultation to deployment.

  • Trust wide on-site IT technicians with bespoke support.
  • IT procurement, strategy and development advice.
  • Centralised IT solutions, including server migrations.
  • Specialist trust wide cyber security audits.

Contact us to find out more about how Tel Group can support you with your TCaF bid and funding.