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18 June, 2024

Tel Group’s Strategic Acquisition of Central Communications

18 June, 2024

Tel Group acquires Central Communications to expand their share in the EdTech industry, offering clients expanded services under one roof.

Tel Group has made a major move by acquiring fellow Birmingham-based EdTech company, Central Communications. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in both companies’ journeys, promising substantial growth and innovative benefits for all current and future customers.

Central Communications - Tel Group's Acquisition of Central Communications

Central Communications

Despite being a new and emerging company, Central Communications draws on over 20 years of experience in the education technology sector, earning a reputation for exceeding expectations by tailoring solutions to each project’s unique requirements. Their mission is straightforward: to deliver high-quality services to their valued clients.

Tel Group - Tel Group's Acquisition of Central Communications

Tel Group

A well-established company within the realm of education, Tel Group has a diverse EdTech portfolio spanning communications, ICT and security. Known for their customer focussed approach, they have built a reputable customer foundation of over 1200 schools and MATs nationwide.

A Strategic Move by Tel Group

The acquisition of Central Communications by Tel Group is a strategic move that aligns with a number of key objectives:

Enhancing EdTech Presence

Specialising in education technology since 2005 with over 1,200 education customers, Tel Group has expanded further by acquiring Central Communications. This addition brings 67 new education customers, primarily in the Midlands where Tel Group’s HQ is based. Strengthening their market presence in the region allows Tel Group to extend their expertise and service offerings to a number of new clients.

Leveraging Technological Synergies

Both Tel Group and Central Communications possess substantial technological expertise. By merging resources, Tel Group can capitalise on Central Communications’ skilled team, which offers fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, thereby enhancing collective capabilities significantly.

Increased technology solutions

Central Communications holds a strong position in education technology, offering services similar to those provided by Tel Group, but with the notable difference of not providing IT support. With Tel Group’s extensive experience, resources, and expertise in IT support, this acquisition now allows Central Communications’ customers the opportunity to access all their desired technology services under one roof.

David Murphy at Tel Group - Tel Group's Acquisition of Central Communications

“The acquisition of Central Communications marks a significant milestone in our journey at Tel Group.

I am personally delighted to have welcomed Dave Ruane back to the company, having had the opportunity to work alongside him for 12 years. I have witnessed first-hand the value he brings to our organisation and commend him for the success he has achieved in building Central Communications over the past four years.”

David Murphy – Director of Tel Group

“This acquisition represents an exciting new chapter for Central Communications and our valued customers. By becoming part of Tel Group, we can now offer our customers access to a broader range of solutions and enhanced support services, ensuring that our customers receive even greater value and service excellence.

While bidding farewell to Central Communications is bittersweet, I am eager for the opportunities ahead with Tel Group as we continue to grow in the education technology sector.”

Dave Ruane – CEO of Central Communications

Dave Ruane at Central Communications / Tel Group - Tel Group's Acquisition of Central Communications

The Benefits of the Acquisition

The smooth transition from Central Communications to Tel Group promises significant benefits and improvements for all transferred customers.

Increased support

With Tel Group’s support and customer service team being significantly larger than Central Communications’, customers transitioning to Tel Group are assured of advanced support whenever they need it.

Tel Group’s support team includes specialised individuals who are accessible from 08:30 AM to 17:00 PM, Monday to Friday. They offer a variety of contact options including an online help desk, live chat, email, phone and voicemail. Additionally, Tel Group provides out-of-hours support, giving complete peace of mind that their needs are always in safe hands.

Extended Availability

With a larger team, Tel Group has the capacity to swiftly dispatch engineers and technicians for on-site tasks such as site surveys, installations, maintenance, and repairs. The increased availability ensures that service requests are handled promptly and effectively to maintain a high service and ensure seamless operations.

Expanded Services

Tel Group prides itself on being a one-stop shop, offering a diverse portfolio of education technology solutions. With the acquisition of Central Communications, their customers now have access to an expanded range of trusted services, available with preferential pricing and a single point of contact.

Added Value

Dave Ruane, CEO of Central Communications, previously served as an engineer at Tel Group for 12 years before establishing Central Communications. With a decade-long working relationship, Tel Group recognises the immense value he brings to the company. The team are eager for their customer base to once again benefit from his insight, experience, and dedicated approach, ensuring an exceptional level of service.

Future Prospects

Tel Group’s acquisition of Central Communications is a strategic and forward-thinking move designed to benefit both existing and future customers. This acquisition represents a crucial step towards Tel Group’s vision of empowering education through technology.

This partnership leverages the strengths of two innovative companies and their respective teams, marking a significant milestone in Tel Group’s journey. The team eagerly anticipates the opportunities and developments that lie ahead with Central Communications now a fundamental component of Tel Group’s infrastructure.