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19 January, 2024

Tel Group Climbs Mount Snowdon for Help Harry Help Others!

19 January, 2024

On 7th June 2024, the Tel Group team will be climbing Mount Snowdon as part of Help Harry Help Others’ Hero 365 initiative. Our goal is to raise a minimum of £850, the cost of running the center for a day.

Help Harry Help Others Cancer Charity (HHHO)

Cancer knows no boundaries. Every day, 365 days a year, it touches lives globally. Beyond health implications, cancer impacts numerous aspects of people’s lives. This very reality inspired the creation of Help Harry Help Others Drop-In Cancer Support Centre. With a suite of over 20 on-site services, they provide a comprehensive range of emotional, physical, and financial support. However, maintaining these services and running the centre costs £850 a day.

For many years, Tel Group has proudly supported HHHO as their chosen charity. From sponsoring events like the annual charity ball to contributing to Georgie’s amazing fundraisers, we have been committed to their mission. Now, it’s time for us to give back by organising a fundraising event. 14 members of our team will be climbing Mount Snowdon on the 7th June 2024 to raise money for HHHO.


All donations will go directly to Help Harry Help Others, allowing them to continue providing support to cancer patients and their families. Every penny counts, and we appreciate any contribution you can make.

Please visit our Just Giving page or click the button below to donate. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Together, we can help HHHO continue to provide vital support to those in need.