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17 August, 2022

Selecting the Right Technology Supplier for your School.

17 August, 2022

Selecting the right technology supplier for your school is a daunting and lengthy process. What are the key points you consider when looking for a new technology supplier?

As the demand for technology within the education sector increases, the challenge of selecting the right technology supplier to meet your schools unique needs grows, making procurement a time consuming and challenging process.

There are many factors to consider when selecting the right technology supplier for your school. Selecting the correct supplier will ensure you have a partner that functions in your best interests, working to fully understand the specific needs you require.  

What do you expect from your suppliers?

Ultimately, the correct supplier will ensure you are maximising the long-term value, endurance and return on investment of your solutions, helping you alleviate the pressures involved with the optimisation of technology.  

The procurement process should involve working with a supplier to identify a coherent strategy for your school that will work in the long-term, built for your future requirements and long term goals rather than a quick fix.

In many cases, it is always best to speak to at least 3 suppliers to widen your horizons and explore the options that are available to you. This will allow you to compare prices, products, service and even find a team who you believe will work with your best interests at heart.

Therefore, the best way to find a supplier is to establish a relationship with one that can provide you with quality at an affordable price, not one that is simply just trying to win you over with their low prices but inevitable poor service. 

A multitude of questions you need to consider

These are many considerations to keep in mind when selecting a new supplier for your School: 

  • How long has the supplier worked in the education sector
  • Are their solutions adapted for educational needs? 
  • How many education customers do they have, and can they provide quality testimonials? 
  • Do they provide aftercare, training and support?  
  • What accreditations do they have? 
  • Do they have a substantial amount of customer contact points and what is their response time? 
  • Is there compatibility with your existing infrastructure? 
  • Are you looking to find your own procurement or use a framework? 
  • Have you compared them to other suppliers? 
  • Are there complicated exit clauses in the contract?

It’s important to fully understand your needs and requirements before assessing bids and quotes and coming to a decision, this will help you avoid unnecessary costs and your systems becoming obsolete over time.

Common criteria when selecting a supplier will include budgets, quality, service times, integration ability, training and support as well as the added functionality the service supports. Ensure that you have taken all criteria into consideration before coming to a final decision.  

The list of considerations doesn’t stop there…

In addition, you will need to collect relevant information from your current suppliers to ensure no unexpected costs arise, the main things to consider would be:

  • Are there any contract terms that prevent you from leaving the contract?
  • When is the contract end date and what’s the duration of the contract?
  • Would you incur additional charges for leaving the contract early?
  • Do you own or lease the current equipment provided?
  • Can your new supplier easily take over this equipment?

Effective procurement and the selection of the right supplier will provide your school with robust solutions that are fit for purpose and support an immersive learning environment, as well as financial savings that can be re-invested elsewhere. 

To get started on the correct path of selecting an IT supplier for your school, get in touch with us via the button below.