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28 January, 2022

5 Reasons to Upgrade your School’s IT Hardware

28 January, 2022

Are you looking to upgrade your school’s IT hardware but not sure if it’s the right move for you? We are here to help. There are many reasons why you would consider upgrading, however, we have selected our top 5 reasons to upgrade your school’s IT hardware to help you with your purchase process.

It is always vital that schools take the time to assess the current IT hardware they have in their schools, as well as looking into the safeguarding conditions of all hardware. Countless circumstances have influenced the ways in which educational organisations presently operate, causing all schools to become heavily reliant on the usage of digital devices.

To ensure that operations throughout your schools are functioning efficiently, school representatives are encouraged to take responsibility in ensuring that IT hardware is up to date and safely compatible with today’s current technology requirements.   

Why is upgrading your school’s IT hardware essential?

Now is the perfect opportunity to assess the current conditions of all IT hardware across departments. Monitoring and updating school hardware is a vital process which will help to maintain the safety of school systems. 

With an increasingly heavy reliance on the usage of digital devices, it is a necessity for upgrades to be incorporated. This will help to avoid the risks and threats that come along with outdated IT hardware. 

1. Helps to reduce costs 

With the current conditions of technology perpetually evolving, modifications for IT hardware are being updated by manufactures more frequently than previous years. By choosing to upgrade your primary IT devices, you save your school the hassle of having to invest more money into additional repair funds or hardware replacements.  

2. Your school’s safety is important 

New and updated hardware devices sold on the market today are now manufactured to be able to prevent and protect systems against cyber security threats.  By investing into newer models of IT hardware, you help to reduce the risks of security attacks on your school devices, due to the safety features that have already been installed. 

3. Access to newer features  

By upgrading your IT hardware, you will be investing into a more dependable and sufficient IT network, fitted with the most up to date features and perks on the market. This will be a beneficial venture for your school to bring in new IT innovations.

4. Speed & Reliability Improvements  

A renewal in hardware devices will also heighten your schools’ internal methods of communication, providing you with access to further advanced high-tech features. These improvements will involve the installation of quicker central processing units as well as the most up to date HD technology supplied throughout laptops and tablet screens.

5. Prevent System Failures  

The process of hardware upgrades also helps schools to regularly assess device faults, to prevent system failures.  By opting to upgrade your IT hardware, students and staff members will be able to experience improved methods of interaction and an increase in productivity. 

At Tel Group we proudly pledge our efforts towards continuously providing IT solutions to school across the UK, at competitive and valuable prices. If your school is looking to make a hardware upgrade, get in touch with us today and we will be happy to support you in your transition.