School Cyber Security Report

School Cyber Security Report

Ensure your school’s network is secure and protected with our proactive School Cyber Security Reports. Rated by customers as our number 1 solution to deter against cyber attacks.

With the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) issuing a warning that the education sector has become a top hacker target, it is essential to ensure your school is protected from any potential cyber threats with a School cyber Security Report.

With schools and educational institutions being liable for the safety of confidential records and data, it is essential that steps are regularly taken to protect your network.

At Tel Group, we have the knowledge, expertise, and software to ensure your organisation’s data is always safe and protected, with any potential risks being identified and rectified before they are exploited.

One solution we advise to our customers is a Cyber Security Report, providing an extensive analysis of your schools entire network.

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“I can highly recommend the cyber audits by Tel Group. So thorough and detailed!” – Jenny Goy – ATC Trust (Achievement Through Collaboration Multi Academy Trust)

School Cyber Security ReportSchool Cyber Security Report

What is a School Cyber Security Report?

At Tel Group, it’s our aim to provide you with the guidance and solutions you require to ensure your IT Infrastructure is prepared to manage and deter any cyber threats.

In order to identify any exposures or open doors within your systems, we are able to run a comprehensive network and security audit.

This report will analyse your schools full infrastructure and identify any vulnerabilities or information at risk of exposure. From here, we will advise the next steps your school should take.

What does the School Cyber Security Report include?

Network Security

  • Exploitable Management Protocols
  • System & User Controls
  • Wireless Access
  • Data Breach Liability
  • Anti-virus / Anti-spyware
  • Application Vulnerabilities
  • Sensitive Data Details
  • Internal Vulnerabilities

Network Infrastructure Analysis

  • Network Devices
  • Asset Detail & Summary
  • Data Storage
  • Endpoint Security
  • Patch Status
  • Connected Printers
  • Network Shares Report
  • License Keys Report

Internet Connection

  • Internet Speed Test
  • Unrestricted Web Content
  • Web-Filtering & Firewall Analysis
  • External Vulnerabilities
  • Risk Summary
  • Potential Liability Report
  • Analysis of all vulnerabilities
  • & Much More
School Cyber Security ReportSchool Cyber Security Report

How Can We Help?

At Tel Group we are able to offer your schools a cost-effective deal on our advanced Cyber Security Reports, helping your schools to measure and resolve threats. 

We are also offering schools a Cyber Security Bundle as an alternative to our individual School Cyber Security Reports. Supplying you with a full suite of cyber security solutions, including a Fully Compromised Dark Web Report, a Cyber Security Report and a School Penetration Test. 

Purchase our School Cyber Security Report as a bundle offer

School Cyber Security Report

This extensive audit will investigate your network infrastructure (devices and data storage), network security, and internet connection and highlight any short- or long-term vulnerabilities, allowing us to advise on what can be done to secure these potential issues.

Education Penetration Test

Ensure your school’s network has zero vulnerabilities by proactively rectifying risks before they are exploited with an penetration test into your network. This allows us to create an extensive report which details any vulnerabilities and how they can be rectified. 

Dark Web Compromise Report

We’ll identify if any of your emails, passwords, or general information has been leaked and are available for hackers to access through the internet on the dark web. This allows reactive preventative measures to be put in place to secure your network.

  • Penwortham Girls School

    There is lots in the press at the moment about the high risk of cyber security attacks, especially in schools. We were looking at whether to purchase additional insurance or not, but were not sure how vulnerable we were.

    I had a cyber security report with Tel Group completed and it was very thorough, extremely informative and we have a clear picture now of our network vulnerabilities – and a plan going forward. I highly recommend getting them in to complete this. We also got a Dark Web Scan. Darren really knows his stuff and was really helpful.

    We were shocked to see how many attempts to get into our network were taking place – 21,000 in just one month!!

    Honestly, such great value for money.

    Andrea Barnes, School Business Manager

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