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04 August, 2022

Tel Group Partner with Salon Owners United

04 August, 2022

Tel Group join forces with Salon Owners United (SOU) to enhance members communications and connectivity.

We are delighted to announce that we have now partnered with Salon Owners United to provide hair and beauty salons across the country with high quality and low cost connectivity solutions.

Salon Owners United, founded by Collette Osbourne, is a community whereby members share resources and form connections. Alongside this, it is a platform used to help salon owners with industry knowledge and experience to fulfill common aims.

Upon initial conversations, our team were amazed by the strong community Collette has formed and the resilience the industry holds. Facing disregard and misrepresentation from higher authorities, SOU provides a platform that works towards the betterment of all UK salons.

Tel Groups involvement in the change

As experts in technology, we have worked with UK organsiations for 17 years, providing bespoke communication and connectivity solutions. With over 1000 clients, we hold the experience, expertise and equipment to play a small but substantial part in providing the sector with a solution that will heighten business operations.

The cost of living crisis combined with the effects of Covid has seen salons searching for ways to cut costs and grow their clientele, all whilst providing the best service. Salons within SOU are now entitled to our telephony and broadband packages tailored towards the sector. Your salon will benefit from reduced pricing, exciting features and an easy to use solution, accompanied by first class customer service.

Investing into the Hair and Beauty Industry

We believe in the ethos of Salon Owners United, and the passion their community has for the industry. For that reason, we are investing into the salon community not only through our solutions and services, but through funding too. We are setting out a clear plan for how we as a company can invest into local salons and we can’t wait to share it with everyone.

Being able to build and maintain relationships with this sector is essential to us, and we are excited to continue learning about what works for the industry and how we can help benefit them in all areas. Here’s to a strong partnership with Salon Owners United.