Sale High School Case Study

How Sale High School improved their connectivity and school safety with a SIP telephone system and full lockdown intruder system.


Sale High School is a large secondary school located in Greater Manchester. They aim to be the school of choice for their community where every child succeeds.


Sale High School wanted to move away from their existing analogue lines to increase their capabilities. In addition,  they also wanted to introduce an innovative, efficient and effective way to improve school safety and spread messages throughout the school with a lockdown system.


Tel Group visited Sale High School and installed a fully featured NS1000 phone system with 60 extensions and 8 SIP lines, bringing a powerful solution to their internal and external communications.

In conjunction with their new phone system, a fully featured lockdown intruder system was integrated. This consisted of 33 internal speakers, 9 external speakers, and multiple pre-recorded messages, ensuring they will remain safe, coordinated and connected if disaster strikes.

Sale High School Case Study


Tel Group installed a full telephone and lockdown system for us during Summer. The initial installation was due in April but had to be put back due to lockdown. This left our school in a panic as our other providers had already been given notice to cancel.

Tel Group were amazing in ensuring that, even though we couldn’t have our new systems, our services were uninterrupted.

I knew from this point that we had made the right decision in choosing Tel Group. The installation was seamless and the engineers on site were absolutely fantastic. They were friendly, efficient and really helpful. Any teething problems we had were dealt with effectively and efficiently and I really cannot recommend the team at Tel Group enough!

– Sam Finch, School Business Manager

Enhance your communications and security with our school telephone and lockdown system integration.

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