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31 May, 2023

Safeguarding Students in Schools – Child Safety Week

31 May, 2023

The education sector has a duty to safeguard students, does your school have the relevant precautions in place?

With Child Safety Week commencing on the 5th June, now is the perfect time to discuss and review the safeguarding of students within schools.

Child Safety Week occurs every year in the UK. It emphasizes accidental damage, providing informative discussions regarding how to combat this and educating parents, carers and children on remaining safe. However, ensuring children are safe while on the school premises is also of significant importance, and steps need to be taken by the school to maximise this.

The education sector ultimately has a duty of care to all students, meaning safeguarding is a high priority. Schools must have procedures to prevent, manage and resolve potential safeguarding issues. Whether that be educating students on digital and physical safety, or taking precautions by introducing digital and on-site safeguarding solutions to ensure the school can protect students from harm.

At Tel Group, we can aid your safeguarding processes by:

Analysing your current infrastructure

Implementing safeguarding solutions

Enhancing your school security

Tel Group Safeguarding Solutions

Providing digital and on-site safeguarding solutions, we can work with your school to secure your network and site and ultimately improve safeguarding practices for children in your care.

Digital Safeguarding


Your school can integrate real-time Smoothwall filtering onto your broadband, blocking harmful content without restricting students’ freedom to explore and learn.

The built-in safeguarding reporting suite instantly notifies admins of any safeguarding risk, including radicalisation, suicide, and self-harm.

Cyber Security

At Tel Group, we can deeply analyse your current network infrastructure, identifying flaws and risks before they are exploited.

Our cyber security solutions allow your school to resolve any potential flaws in real time and put preventative measures in place, protecting students’ confidential data.

On-Site Safeguarding


Through the installation of interior and exterior CCTV across the premises, your site will be monitored and protected by the latest surveillance technology.

CCTV enables you to capture video evidence, monitor behaviour, manage incidents, and deter vandalism, bullying, and intruders. In addition, instant alerts can also be set up to notify relevant staff of unusual activity.

InVentry Door Entry System

We can install a fully equipped and integrated visitor entry system that allows you to monitor who is in your building at any time accurately.

The InVentry solution speeds up the sign-in process, keeps identity information secure and leaves your staff feeling confident that students are safe and always accounted for.

Paxton Door Access

Paxton access control allows people to move freely around your school while ensuring specific areas benefit from higher security.

This effective registration tool provides easy, automated reporting of who is on-site at any time, preventing access to unauthorized individuals.

Intruder Lockdown

Installing an intruder lockdown solution heightens your school’s security and enables you to put procedures in place to prepare and react to threats on the school grounds. In the event of a threat, the integrated intruder system will alert the authorities and convey a warning message throughout the school.

With pre-recorded messages, staff and students will be quickly and discretely alerted, enabling everyone to reach their designated safe place.

It’s time to enhance your school safeguarding solutions!

If your school wants to enhance its on-site and digital safeguarding solutions, then contact us today. Our dedicated account managers will discuss our recommendations and their benefits for your student’s safety.

Tel Group School Safeguarding Solutions