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Education Penetration Test

Education Penetration Test

Ensure your school’s network has zero vulnerabilities by proactively rectifying risks before they are exploited with Tel Group’s Education Penetration Test.

With a significant amount of sensitive data, the education sector is a magnet for hackers. Therefore, a solution that helps to lighten the vulnerability testing workload, rectify potential risks and still ensure maximum security is essential for schools, colleges & MATs.

At Tel Group, we have the knowledge, expertise, and software to ensure your organisation’s data is always safe and protected, with any potential risks being identified and rectified before they are exploited.

One solution we recommend to all of our customers is Penetration Testing, providing a cost effective and time saving way to thoroughly manage and rectify vulnerabilities at all times.

Take your school’s network security to the next level with our Education Penetration Test. Enquire below…

School Cyber Security School Cyber Security

What is a Penetration Test?

Our education Penetration Tests are an evaluation formulated to accurately identify and rectify any vulnerabilities within your school’s networks before they are exploited.

This vulnerability scanning technique uses advanced software to identify security flaws within your websites, applications, network, and cloud infrastructure.

This plays a key role in ensuring you have a strong and vigilant security process in place. It can be a vital and cost-effective method whereby we discover potential vulnerabilities within your systems year-round. This results in an increased awareness of the relative strength and protection that your current systems and networks provide, allowing protective measures to be put in place accordingly.

Penetration Test at Tel Group Penetration Test at Tel Group

Benefits of Penetration Testing

The process of securing your schools network through penetration testing is an important procedure which will contribute towards a more secure and reliable security network.

Cost Effective

A manageable and cost effective way to instantly highlight and discover potential risks and flaws year-round.

24/7 Scanning Capabilities 

We are able to discover new vulnerabilities as they arise with year-round 24/7 scanning capabilities.

Detailed Reporting

From our penetration test, we produce a thorough report of our findings, which we interpret, explain and share with you.

Penetration Test - Tel Group Penetration Test - Tel Group

School Penetration Test Reports

From conducting our penetration test on your organisation, we are able to instantly produce a thorough report which details our vulnerability findings and gives clear remediation advice, allowing your school to quickly fix any vulnerabilities that are discovered.

These findings can include:

  • Summary & Criticality of Findings
  • Web Application Tests
  • Server Detections
  • Unprivileged accesses
  • & Much More

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School Cyber Security Report

This extensive audit will investigate your network infrastructure (devices and data storage), network security, and internet connection and highlight any short- or long-term vulnerabilities, allowing us to advise on what can be done to secure these potential issues.

Education Penetration Test

Ensure your school’s network has zero vulnerabilities by proactively rectifying risks before they are exploited with an penetration test into your network. This allows us to create an extensive report which details any vulnerabilities and how they can be rectified. 

Dark Web Compromise Report

We’ll identify if any of your emails, passwords, or general information has been leaked and are available for hackers to access through the internet on the dark web. This allows reactive preventative measures to be put in place to secure your network.

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