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17 November, 2021

October 2021 Employee of the Month – Lucy Till

17 November, 2021

October employee of the month. To show our appreciation for all of our teams hard work, we run an ’employee of the month’ reward scheme. 

Each month, one member of the team is selected to wear the crown of employee of the month and is rewarded with an alcoholic beverage as well as £50 to spend on food and drink to celebrate. It’s now time to reveal our October 2021 employee of the month…

The October 2021 employee of the month award goes to Lucy Till, Tel Group’s Head of Brand. Tel Group’s company directors, David Murphy & Tony Dobinson, decided that Lucy was Octobers winner for the second time this year. 

During May 2020, Lucy started at Tel Group. She has settled into our team amazingly, achieving April & October employee of the month. Originally the first marketing employee at Tel Group, Lucy has successfully produced and implemented innovative marketing strategies for the company. Since starting in 2020, she has expanded the marketing team and now manages 2 marketing executives, Brooke Allison & Elece John. 

Lucy was selected as October 2021 employee of the month for her dedication to plan and achieve Tel Group’s rebrand. Additionally, The whole marketing department have held many responsibilities over the past year to ensure the rebrand ran smoothly. However, Lucy excelled through highlighting her abilities to confidently manage and navigate tasks to meet deadlines and implement the project. 

Therefore, the Tel Group team have all collectively agreed to crown Lucy as the October 2021 employee of the month. We have all seen how hard she has had to work to meet challenging demands and successfully implement the rebrand. 

A massive shout out to the whole marketing team who worked seamlessly with Lucy to ensure everything went to plan.

Lucy Till

To celebrate Lucy winning the October 2021 employee of the month award, we have presented her with a bottle of champagne along with a £50 food and drink expense voucher to celebrate her great successes this month! 

We are extremely proud of how well Lucy has done at Tel Group so far, and we are happy to say that she is a part of the Tel Group team. Congratulations & well done! 

Who do you think will be crowned employee of the month for November? Keep your eyes peeled for the next big announcement! 

Lucy Till - October employee of the month