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18 March, 2022

Tel Group becomes MATA’s Official I.T Services Partner

18 March, 2022

Tel Group: The approved I.T Services supplier of MATA; The Multi Academy Trust Association

We are proud to announce that we are the official I.T services partner of the Multi Academy Trust Association (MATA). Mata is an established free organisation which advocates MAT leaders with a trusted platform to network and collaborate.

Why have we joined MATA?

As a specialist education technology solutions provider, we are thrilled to be partnering with MATA. We have worked with over 1000 schools in the UK supplying technology services for over 16 years. This specific knowledge and expertise makes us a dependable source for all members technology support and services. Therefore, we can’t wait to share this expertise with the members of MATA.

We are enthusiastic about delivering all schools the essential technology solutions they deserve, ensuring all I.T expectations are met and fulfilled. As MATA’s trusted partner, we are now be able to achieve these goals further.

What is our aim with our partnership? 

Our aim is to offer reliable resources, expertise and tailored services into the Multi Academy Trust Association community, enhancing and developing the school’s technology. MATA’s mission is to provide school leaders and MATs with a welcoming platform to improve and invest into school organisations. This association is fundamentally founded upon support and progress, offering school representatives the opportunities to overcome technological barriers. We believe in this objective due to our passion towards enhancing the education sector.

Tel Group are continuously aiming for new ways to enhance school networks, aiming to extend our knowledge and expertise on the importance of school’s technology. We are therefore excited to network with new and insightful school representatives through our insightful recourses and solutions. 

Our partnership with MATA will prove to be a well-rewarded venture, formed upon support and integrity.