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19 February, 2024

Utilising Technology to Facilitate Organic Growth in Multi Academy Trusts

19 February, 2024

How trusts can grow organically through centralisation of existing technology.

Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) can use technology to fundamentally transform educational outcomes, enhance learning experiences and streamline operations to facilitate organic growth.

Multi Academy Trusts play a fundamental role in shaping the learning experiences of students across multiple schools. To drive organic growth and transform educational outcomes, MATs can leverage technology as a powerful tool to further enhance learning and teaching experiences.

Optimisation of technology can streamline operations, enhance communication, promote collaborative learning environments, and enhance staff and student engagement.

A way that MATs can overcome onboarding challenges, facilitate organic growth, and achieve their educational objectives is through centralisation of their technology.

Growth Challenges Faced by MATs

When a MAT is established or a new academy joins, it introduces various challenges. This includes shifts in roles and responsibilities, modifications in internal processes, and the integration of their technology infrastructure into a larger trust.

Both individual schools and the MAT are likely to have various tools and technologies in their IT setup, such as access control, software, hardware, servers, databases, management information systems, and cloud infrastructure. The main challenge will be to centralise these technologies consistently across the trust to minimise costs, processes, maintenance operations, and management.

The main IT challenges faced by MATs during growth:

  • Scalability of the network, security, and cloud infrastructure according to MATs strategic growth plan.
  • Efficient implementation of IT solutions with the appropriate deployment option, timely delivery, and on budget.
  • Standardisation of operations and safety when onboarding new academies to a scalable operational model.
  • Application of the Trust’s standard technology practices in schools with existing standards, infrastructure, policies, and skills.
  • Developing and executing policies, procedures, and systems for schools located across various geographical areas and demographics.

Strategic steps to take to overcome challenges:

  • Conduct an IT Audit on all existing systems, software, and suppliers
  • Analyse Centralisation versus Localisation for each school individually
  • Migrate and centralise cloud services
  • Centralise networks and network infrastructure
  • Consolidate software, services, and licensing
  • Simplify and centralise service providers
  • Perform an IT skills audit for technical staff throughout the entire trust
  • Work with a strategic technology partner to implement solutions and plan your MAT IT strategy

The Importance of a Strategic IT Partner

Realignment and consolidation of service providers is crucial for successful centralisation and growth facilitation. It is essential to explore your options and find a strategic IT partner who can work with your internal team across the trust to analyse, execute, and maintain the centralisation of your IT infrastructure.

A reliable partner should offer a comprehensive managed network, security, and virtualisation solutions in a scalable, dependable, and cost-efficient framework.

By streamlining suppliers, you’ll have a single point of contact for all IT queries throughout your MAT, ensuring prompt issue resolution and forming strong supplier relationships. This approach provides a solid foundation for future growth within your trust and simplifies the onboarding process as your trust grows further.

Working with Tel Group

Centralising technology solutions across MATs is a strategic move that holds immense potential for transforming the educational landscape. At Tel Group, we can work with you as a strategic education technology partner to analyse, plan and implement centralisation of your entire ICT Infrastructure to help your MAT facilitate organic growth.

Tel Group’s MAT Services: