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19 April, 2024

Utilising Technology to Meet KCSIE Requirements

19 April, 2024

Keeping Children Safe in Education – Statutory guidance for schools on safeguarding children and safer recruitment. 

Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) is a set of statutory guidance and requirements issued by the Department of Education (DfE), which all schools in England must follow to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people. This statutory guidance applies to all schools and colleges and is for headteachers, teachers and staff, governing bodies, proprietors, and management committees. 

The internet and technology are crucial tools for everyday learning. As the online safety landscape continues to evolve and grow, schools and Multi Academy Trusts need to recognise online safety as a key safeguarding consideration and an integral part of their statutory safeguarding duties. By integrating online safety measures into their safeguarding policies, schools and colleges can create a safer environment for their students.  

Filtering and Monitoring 

Throughout the guidance, the DfE has set out guidelines for schools to implement robust filtering and monitoring standards. To support schools and colleges to meet these requirements, the DfE has published filtering and monitoring standards which set out that schools and colleges should:  

  • Identify and assign roles and responsibilities to manage filtering and monitoring systems. 
  • Review filtering and monitoring provision at least annually. 
  • Block harmful and inappropriate content without unreasonably impacting teaching and learning. 
  • Have effective monitoring strategies in place that meet their safeguarding needs.   

Adhering to KCSIE in Schools

Adhering to the KCSIE filtering and monitoring standards is crucial for schools to protect students in the digital era. Through the implementation of robust filtering and monitoring systems, educational institutions enhance digital safety and create a more enriching learning environment. Additionally, by promoting digital literacy and responsibility, schools empower students with the necessary skills to navigate themselves online securely and conscientiously. 

Meeting KCSIE requirements is an obligation, therefore the tools and systems necessary to comply with KSIE requirements need to be supplied and installed by a competent partner. Our education-specific web filtering and monitoring solutions enable schools to safeguard students online without restricting their freedom to learn, all the while ensuring compliance with the KCSIE framework.  

Working with Smoothwall, the leading provider of digital safeguarding infrastructure, we can provide your school with customisable technology and solutions that protect students, staff, and your network – at every touch point.  

Cyber Security 

The KCSIE Guidance also advises that schools should consider meeting Cyber Security Standards. These standards focus on key areas schools should meet regarding; cyber security, user accounts and data protection, in order to safeguard their systems, staff and learners. 

We recognise the importance of maintaining a secure school network, and our team is here to help. By offering in-depth analysis, ongoing monitoring, and first-class support, accompanied by our expertise and industry-leading software, Tel Group can give your school the security it deserves.  

All of our cyber security solutions adhere to DfE standards and KCSIE requirements and can be purchased individually or as a bundle, allowing you to solidify your network security. 

Working with Tel Group

Tel Group is a specialist provider of IT, Communications and Security solutions for schools and online safeguarding in education security. We can assist you in assessing your school’s wider online safety policy and practice, and implement appropriate solutions to ensure KCSIE compliance. 

We are committed to best practice when it comes to safeguarding, with a privacy by design approach to technology. If your school needs any help meeting the statutory requirements, we are here for any support and training you require.  

Enable your school to meet the safeguarding requirements regarding online safety through the provision of technology solutions today with Tel Group. 

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