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22 February, 2022

January 2022 Employee of the Month – Tallulah Reynolds-Browne

22 February, 2022

January 2022 employee of the month. To show gratitude to our employees at Tel Group, we run a monthly employee of the month program. This is where we show our appreciation through displaying the growth and development made by our employees. 

It wouldnt be a celebration without a big reveal, so let’s share the January 2022 employee of the month…

We carefully select our chosen winners based on their achievements and developments throughout each month. To celebrate, each winner is generously rewarded with a £50 gift voucher to spend on food and drinks. As an extra bonus, we have decided to include an additional long weekend extension, to really blow off some steam!

Now time for the big reveal…

January 2022’s employee of the month reward goes to Tallulah Reynolds-Browne, an appreciated member of our customer service team! We are extremely happy to be gifting Tallulah with this prize, due to her hard work and efforts towards delivering company standards throughout the month of January.

Tallulah has demonstrated a great level of proactiveness in January, through achieving several business deals within the customer service team, as well as displaying a fantastic degree of enthusiasm towards meeting customer service targets.

With January signifying the start of the new year, many of our company responsibilities have increased to meet customer demands. During this period, Tallulah’s efforts proved to be consistent and dependable. She persisted in remaining determined, and inclined to go the extra mile.

Over the past 5 years, Tallulah has always been a cheerful and optimistic team member of ours. She continues to positively aim her endeavors towards supporting our business goals.

Well done, Tallulah, we hope you enjoy your prize!

Tallulah Reynolds-Browne

Congratulations Tallulah, we hope you appreciate your luxury meal and drinks, along with your extended weekend off. You certainly deserve it!

We are extremely enthusiastic about employee development here at Tel Group, making it a priority of ours to applaud our employees on their work strengths and successes on a continuous basis.

Stay on the lookout for next month’s employee of the month crowning, we would hate for you to miss out!

Tallulah Reynolds-Browne January 2022 Employee of the Month