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03 March, 2022

Interactive Boards for Schools, Colleges & MATs

03 March, 2022

Download our ‘Interactive Boards Bundles for Schools’ Colleges & MATs’ brochure for free today and get started on the path of increasing classroom interactivity.

Is your school looking to bring interactivity into the classroom? Our Interactive Boards Classroom Bundles are the perfect solution, and you are in full control of choosing your preferred solution!

As specialists in the education sector, we understand the specific wants and needs for the classroom, allowing us to provide a solution that you, your staff and pupils can have complete confidence in. However, one solution that works for one school may not work for another, which is why we can give you full control on creating your perfect Interactive Classroom Bundle.

It is essential to have futureproof, secure and reliable technology within your school to bridge the gap between physical and digital learning. With a selection of industry leading interactivity and learning tools, our range of interactive boards are easy to navigate, competitively priced and tailored directly towards the education sector.

Plus, what’s better than being able to custom build your bundle to match your schools individual needs?!

Simply view/download the PDF below to find out more about our interactive board bundles and guide yourself through each stage, whilst obtaining more information on each stage of the bundle.