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Go Green Scheme

Go Green Scheme for the Education Sector

The Go Green scheme is an initiative brought to the education sector by Tel Group, allowing schools to apply for a one off £1000 funding towards their eco goals.

Tel Group is proud to launch its Go Green Scheme to support eco-friendly projects in schools. This program provides additional funding for current or planned projects focused on sustainability, which can make a significant positive impact on the environment.

With growing concern about environmental issues, organisations are increasingly striving to improve their sustainability strategies. The Go Green Scheme is an excellent opportunity for your school to get involved and take action towards a greener future.

By applying for funding through this scheme, your school can work towards achieving its sustainability goals. The program will also promote education and empowerment among students and staff.

Interested in applying for funding? Simply fill out the form on this page to be considered for £1000 in support of your school’s eco project.

Apply for Your School Eco Funding:

Empowering Your Community

How Tel Group's Go Green Scheme will benefit students


Students will have the opportunity to learn more about their impact on the environment and see their work come to life in ways that can improve the schools environmental impact.

How Tel Group's Go Green Scheme will benefit the school


The school will be able to not only enhance their school environment, curriculum and facilities, but they will gain positive press to attract future students and parents. 

How Tel Group's Go Green Scheme will benefit staff


Staff will feel empowered to take environmental steps into their own hands with an engaging curriculum and activities which they were unable to deliver to students prior to this funding.

Go Green Scheme - Tel Group Go Green Scheme - Tel Group

What is the Go Green Scheme?

In 2022, Tel Group started the Go Green Scheme to allow MATs, schools, and nurseries to apply for funding towards their eco projects.

By completing the online form, schools can request a £1000 grant to support their initiatives. Two schools will be chosen, and each will receive £1000 in funding.

Your school has complete discretion over how to use the funds, but we’ve provided some suggestions to inspire you:

  • Improve your school’s eco curriculum
  • Set up or improve a forest school
  • Invest in an allotment area
  • Set up a school gardening club
  • Installing solar panels

    We’re excited to see how your school will use the grant to help create a greener future.

    Go Green Scheme - Tel Group Go Green Scheme - Tel Group

    Why was the Go Green Scheme set up?

    Many schools are making a concerted effort to improve environmentally friendly practices, not only for the benefit of pupils but also for the planet. However, tight budgets have made it difficult for these institutions to fund such initiatives. 

    Similarly, our company is committed to reducing our carbon footprint. One way we aim to achieve this is by collaborating with educational institutions and clients to take meaningful steps towards sustainability. 

    Previous experience working with schools on funded projects has shown that students, staff, and the institution as a whole can reap significant benefits from environmental initiatives.

    While we have already taken some steps towards this goal, including hosting the Go Green Scheme in 2022 and participating in the Solihull Greener School Awards, we are continuing to plan and implement further steps towards making a greater impact.

    Go Green Scheme - Tel Group Go Green Scheme - Tel Group

    How can I apply?

    Applying for the £1000 eco project funding is easy. Start by reading the terms and conditions provided below, then fill out the form located at the top of this page.

    In the application, be sure to detail how you plan on using the funding and how it will support your eco project.

    After reviewing all applications, we will present the top five to the team. From there, we will conduct a vote to determine which two schools will receive the funding.

    The deadline for applications is TBC, and the winning school will be notified using the contact information provided.

        Go Green Scheme - Tel Group Go Green Scheme - Tel Group

        Go Green Scheme Terms & Conditions

        • This scheme is only open to the education sector (MAT, school, college or nursery). 
        • Entrants must work for the school they are applying for. 
        • You must let us know what Eco Project your school will spend the funding on. 
        • Applications will be analysed by an external team and presented to Tel Group, where they will then vote on the winning project.
        • Two winners will be selected to win £1000 each.
        • The winners must agree to have a Tel Group representative visit the site to discuss the project.
        • The entirety of the funding must be spent on the desired project. 
        • The winner will be contacted by contact details provided. 
        • Entry for the scheme closes on TBC.
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