Go Green Scheme Finalists

Go Green Scheme Finalists – Vote For Your Winner

The Go Green scheme is an initiative brought to the education sector by Tel Group in May 2022. Vote for your chosen winner by looking over the Go Green Scheme Finalists.

Tel Group’s Go Green scheme opens up the education sector to additional funding towards their eco projects within the school. This funding is designed to be spent on a current or planned Eco Project within the school.

With schools striving to improve their environmental strategy, Tel Group’s Go Green Scheme funding provides an extra incentive for any school to take that next step on their journey of becoming environmentally friendly.

This scheme was taken on by a number of schools, seeing 120 applications received. The Tel Group team worked through all applications and narrowed them down to the final 5.

The final 5 will be presented to our senior team on the 24th June 2022 and they will each vote on their winner, with the project with the most votes being awarded the funding. 

However, we wanted everyone to also have involvement in voting too, with the proposed project with the most votes gaining an extra vote in the senior meeting.

Take a look over our Go Green Scheme finalists and vote for your winner today!

Go Green Scheme Application

Introducing the 5 Go Green Scheme Finalists

Hagley Primary School - Go Green Scheme ApplicationHagley Primary School - Go Green Scheme Application

Hagley Primary School

We have carried out a survey on the number of parents that have work commitments and so need to drive to school each morning/evening.

The children have drawn banners which will be produced professionally and displayed outside our school to encourage walking to school and the impact that can have on their bodies and the environment but we are aware that some parents really have no choice, because of this we would like to plant additional trees in our substantial outside space to partially offset the carbon footprint of our driving parents.

We feel that this would be a very important learning opportunity for our children as we know that some families really have no choice but to drive. We are running additional initiatives across the school in terms of reducing single use plastics, purchasing more sustainable resources, reducing printing and laminating and increasing hot meal bookings to reduce single plastics in lunch boxes. Of course this requires funds so would love to be included in the Go Green scheme.

Villa Real School - Go Green Scheme ApplicationVilla Real School - Go Green Scheme Application

Villa Real School

We would put this funding towards our ‘ Green careers’ programme, teaching young people with severe and profound learning difficulties and / or physical difficulties, sensory processing difficulties, communication difficulties and autism about the workplace and making green choices to be part of the change reducing carbon footprints.

They will learn about environmentally friendly jobs and the skills and knowledge needed in these areas such as organic gardening without the use of pesticides and manufactured chemicals. They will learn about animal care and farming. This will also help to promote good mental wellbeing and resilience, self-esteem, positive emotions, and self-respect as the pupils learn that they can be a ‘ carer’ themselves rather than always being cared for.


  • To set up a Green Enterprise.
  • To have the chance to care for other things.
  • To help protect the environment.
  • To learn skills to help us gain a supported work placement when we leave school.
  • To learn how to improve mental health and well- being.

Project Plan

  • To grow organic herbs and harvest crops.
  • To visit Dilston Physic Garden and learn about how plants can help the brain.
  • To produce our own herbal toiletries.
  • To sell our products in school to start a self- sufficient enterprise and create funds for future projects.
  • To visit a working farm and learn about jobs in horticulture and agriculture.
    Gurney Pease Academy - Go Green Scheme Finalists ApplicationGurney Pease Academy - Go Green Scheme Finalists Application

    Gurney Pease Academy

    Gurney Pease Academy is in a deprived former industrial area of Darlington. The school is surrounded on two sides by an industrial estate and areas of housing on the other two sides. The school has a higher than average rate of pupil premium children, aspirations are low and many children come from large single-parent families.

    For our commitment to science teaching and learning, we were awarded a Primary Science Quality Mark in September 2021.

    As part of the award, the school was praised for establishing an allotment area and for preparing vegetables which were cooked in the school kitchen as part of an investigation to answer the question ‘can we grow enough food to feed the school for a day’. To help embed the message of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, we want to teach our children and their families how easy it is to grow delicious food, on a budget with a tiny carbon footprint.

    As such, over the last few months we have collected some 800 pop bottles from the community and built our own pop-bottle greenhouse, where we are growing tomatoes, beans and peppers. With supervision, the greenhouse was built by the children in our newly formed ‘Eco Club’, and they are now tending the produce growing there.

    The school is situated next to former areas of heavy industry and the field was the site of back-to-back housing which was demolished after the war. As such, the soil quality is very poor and in order to grow our vegetables, we had to buy 4 dumpy bags of top soil. We are looking to champion sustainability by expanding our growing area and by composting our own plant waste in order to improve the soil over time. Accordingly, the first part of our bid is for materials to make composting bin areas where compost can be easily turned by children. We are also struggling to water our vegetables as the nearest tap is some 20 metres away, meaning the children have to carry full watering cans an uncomfortable distance. Therefore, water butts situated closer to the allotment and fed from a rain drain would be hugely beneficial and help reduce consumption of tap water.

    Two summers ago, we fenced off a corner of the field in order to create an area where children could only enter with supervision. Currently this is an area where bluebells and dense shrubbery make a potential haven for wildlife. There was always the intention of creating a wildlife pond in the open part of this area, and this is the second part of our bid.

    We also wish to introduce birdfeeders to encourage birds on to the site so that as well as supporting the wildlife, the children can observe them at close quarters and learn more about their behaviour and their importance in the ecosystem. This is the third and final part of our bid.

    A successful award from the Go Green Scheme would make all this possible and would have a significant impact on the lives of the children, their families, the school community and the wildlife in the area. We do hope you consider our application favorably.

        Christ Church CofE VC Juniors - Go Green Scheme Finalists ApplicationChrist Church CofE VC Juniors - Go Green Scheme Finalists Application

        Christ Church CofE VC Juniors

        We are fortunate enough to have some green space in our urban school, we have an extensive forest area that we are building on year on year. All pupils are timetabled to have forest school sessions throughout the week/year and we adapt the learning based on time of day and seasons. Pupils learn about sustainability, the forest and it’s impact on the environment, nature, den building, fire lighting etc.

        We would like to apply for the grant to continue to enhance our forest school area with the installation of additional seating, mud kitchens, fire pit and resources to continue to enthuse our children. We also offer the forest school area out to other schools/nurseries and community groups out of school hours so others can also benefit.

        Plan 1

        • Create a more substantial and safe fire pit for all children to use.

        Plan 2

        • Enhance the area with seating, mud kitchen and ramps to make it more accessible to wheelchair users.

        Plan 3

        • Develop the pond area and buy more resources for bug hunting and pond dipping.
        St Augustine's Catholic Primary School - Go Green Scheme Finalists ApplicationSt Augustine's Catholic Primary School - Go Green Scheme Finalists Application

        St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School

        Bee-lieve in our planet

        We have a vast area within our school grounds that over many years has become overgrown, dilapidated and unusable. We have discovered that once upon a time, this space was home to a beautiful pond that attracted rare species and an array of biodiversity.

        We all know that being close to nature improves both our physical and mental well-being and now, following COVID, we want our pupils, staff and our wider community to be able to re-connect with each-other and our planet, through the natural world.

        Once fully developed this space will become an excellent outdoor learning facility, which we will share with schools in our borough to encourage joined up curriculum learning, sharing of knowledge and environmental, regional collaboration.

        The funding will enable us to provide pupil and teachers with five days of immersive, practical activities which they will do together. The programme will be delivered by a not for profit local organisation that specialise in environmental outdoor education.

        The activities provided will address and improve education around 5 key environmental themes:

        1. Loss of biodiversity

        2. Deforestation

        3. Sustainable food production

        4. Plastic pollution

        5. Human activity (Our impact)

        Over the course of the five days participants will learn about the negative impact human activity can have on our environment. They will be encouraged to use their critical thinking and teamwork skills to design, build and create habitats, walkways and mini ponds so that they can actually see how their creations have changed their local environment.

        We are passionate about creating a natural space in the school that matters to our pupils, teachers and our local community.

        Once “Bee-lieve in our planet” has completed , participants will feel a sense of heightened connection with the natural word, Teachers will feel engaged, confident and equipped to lead and take part in outdoor activities whilst feeling motivated and passionate to continue in outdoor learning experiences.

        If successful this will be the start of an exciting, new project where we can take our learning from this project and transfer our skills to develop the larger space. This will leave a wonderful legacy for future pupils and community alike

            • The Diocese of Coventry Multi Academy Trust

              The Diocese of Coventry Multi Academy Trust has been working with Tel Group for a couple of years, with many of our schools using them for Telephony. As a Trust we are working towards using them for telephony for all our academies.

              Tel Group have been proactive and responsive as well as providing a very competitive deal for our schools.

              The service has been excellent.

              Louise Beale, Head of Operations and Compliance
            • Three Saints Academy Trust

              We switched our school phones over to VOIP with Tel Group this year. They gave us a dedicated account manager who made sure we were kept informed throughout the process and communicated with other parties on our behalf.

              The engineers were quick and professional and made sure we were comfortable with the system before they left. Where we have requested changes/help from tech support the response has been fast and helpful.

              We would recommend Tel Group to other schools.

              Kim Sawe, School Business Manager
            • Oasis Community Learning MAT

              Tel Group was awarded the OCL telephony business in 2019, having won a competitive tender against 8 other providers – in all categories they came out on top.

              Since then, Tel Group have undertaken audits at a number of OCL academies, providing advice on switching lines and terminating those not required. I have always been impressed with David’s professionalism and resilience and his focus on what is right (and most cost effective) for the client.

              I’d be happy to speak with any other Trusts or schools and recommend their services.

              Ryan Messenger, National Procurement Manager
            • The Emmaus Federation

              We have used Tel Group to provide the phone system in our schools for several years now, and have always been happy with the service we have received.

              Prices are competitive. We have recently moved over to a VOIP system which was installed by a professional and friendly engineer on a date to suit.

              When we were working remotely during the height of the pandemic, it was easy to transfer calls to our mobiles. Customer services are also great.

              Emma Woods, Chair of Governors
            • Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust

              Thank you so much to Tel Group for all you have done in our schools. The engineers were really helpful and everyone’s said how lovely they were.

              The excitement over new phones has been incredible – I’ve never known such communication between classrooms! I really appreciated your call the following morning to check we’re OK too.

              That was a great touch. All in all, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.

              Emma Fairhall, School Business Manager
              • MATA - Multi Academy Trust Association - Tel Group - Our Partnerships
              • WALE - Wessex Association of School
              • NNoSS - National Network of Special Schools - Tel Group - Our Partnerships
              • ISBA - Independent School Bursars Association - Our Partnerships
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