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10 January, 2023

Free Guide: South Gloucestershire Centrex Termination

10 January, 2023

Learn everything you need to know about South Gloucestershire Council’s Centrex Telephony Switch Off with our free guide!

With the sudden changes to your Centrex telephony contact planned for June 2023, now is time to take control!

Following the recent announcement from South Gloucestershire Council regarding the termination of their school Centrex telephony service, it is vital your school weighs up your options.

If this termination applies to you, your current Centex telephone system service will expire on June 1st and your lines will be ceased. This means you are now required to procure a new telephone service to prevent your lines being terminated.

We are here to guide you through the process of upgrading and ensure you get the system most suitable for your school.

South Gloucestershire Centrex Switch Off – Tel Group’s Free Guide

Although this situation may seem daunting, it is an ideal opportunity to make the most out of your contract. Your current Centrex system is restrictive and offers limited functions, whereas cloud based systems hold a variety of benefits.

Get prepared ahead of the imminent termination with our free guide. Take a look at our free guide on the South Gloucestershire Centrex Switch Off:

Working with over 1000 schools across the UK, including 11% of South Gloucestershire schools, we understand schools requirements. We have vast experience transferring schools from Centrex after this situation occurred in Birmingham in 2021. As well as South Gloucester schools who have already made the transition.

We therefore believe we are best suited to provide a competitive solution and guide your school through the changes to your telephony contract.

Enquire about upgrading your schools telephone system: