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Education Antivirus Software

Cyber Security Solutions for Schools

EDR and Antivirus Software for Schools

Safeguard your data, users and devices with advanced security features provided by our Education Antivirus Software and Endpoint Detection and Response.

At Tel Group, we possess the expertise, experience, and cutting-edge software necessary to guarantee the safety and protection of your school’s data. 

Schools, colleges and MATs are responsible for a significant amount of sensitive data and have a duty to ensure this information is safeguarded. Therefore, it’s essential for educational institutions to invest in robust antivirus software across all devices. 

Antivirus is a software program used to prevent, detect, and eliminate malware and viruses. It works for all types of devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Our education antivirus software is specifically designed to safeguard your school’s, college’s and MAT’s digital environment, providing unparalleled security and peace of mind.

The antivirus software constantly runs in the background to provide real-time protection against cyber threats, without interfering with your browsing experience. 

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Antivirus for Schools

Safeguard Your School’s Digital Environment

Education Antivirus Software Education Antivirus Software

Education Antivirus Software

As cyber threats to the education sector continue to rise, having the right cyber security tools in place is essential. Tel Group can provide your school with powerful security features combined with maximum flexibility.

Our award-winning education antivirus software serves as the primary defence mechanism, shielding against cyber threats such as viruses, malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks.

Through active scanning and vigilant monitoring of school computer systems and networks, it swiftly detects and neutralises potential threats, preempting any potential harm.

Tailored towards education, our antivirus software stands as an integral component to help combat cyber threats.

Education Antivirus Software and Endpoint Detection and Response EDR - Cyber Security for Schools Education Antivirus Software and Endpoint Detection and Response EDR - Cyber Security for Schools

Endpoint Detection and Response

Tel Group’s Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) helps schools prevent, detect, and quickly respond to ever-changing cyber threats with threat detection, remediation, and rollback.

Schools benefit from easy automation manager policy based deployment and an EDR status check within the remote monitoring and management platforms.

  • Leverage AI Detection Engines
  • Prevent Cyber Attacks
  • Accelerate Threat Investigation
  • Respond Effectively through Automation
  • Signature-Based Scans
  • Rule-Based and Behavioural Scans
  • Proactive Notifications

    Additional School Cyber Security Solutions

    Suite of Cyber Security Solutions

    Cyber Security Solutions

    Suite of Cyber Security Services

    Firewall, Filtering and Monitoring

    Protect your school devices 24/7

    Cyber Security Audit

    Analyse your school’s entire network

    Cloud Backup and Recovery

    Eliminate downtime and protect your data

    Dark Web Scan

    Find school information leaked on the dark web

    ICT Support Partnership

    On-site and remote education IT support

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