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15 May, 2023

DfE School Guidance – Meeting Digital and Technology Standards in Schools

15 May, 2023

Is your school meeting the DfE’s Digital and Technology Standards?

In May 2024, the Department for Education updated their guidance to schools regarding how to meet digital and technology standards. This standard specifies the minimum requirements to consider when renewing and upgrading digital infrastructure.

Meeting the DfE digital and technology standards can help you make more informed decisions about technology leading to safer, more cost-efficient practices and new learning opportunities for students.

The standards can help your school with:

  • Budgeting for technology procurement and maintenance
  • Buying technology equipment and services
  • Renewing a contract with a technology provider to ensure their purchases meet your needs
  • Correctly installing new equipment

Many of these standards should be implemented when you next upgrade your digital infrastructure. However, some of the standards, such as filtering, monitoring and safeguarding should already be in place. Others are highly recommended for immediate action such as cyber security and broadband, while some may take years to implement when your current solutions are underperforming or unsupported.

At Tel Group, we can assess your current provision and advise which actions need to be taken in order to ensure compliance with each standard, from there we can implement the suggested improvements and upgrades to fulfill these requirements.

The DfE set out eleven categories your school needs to meet:

Digital and Technology Standards:

Each digital standard specifies the minimum requirements your school should be meeting. You can view a summary of each standard by clicking the headings below:

Take the first step in optimising your digital systems by scheduling a DFE Digital Standards Audit. We’ll assess your current infrastructure and provide you with a clear roadmap and pricing to help you achieve your digital standards. Contact us today to get started.

Free DfE School Guidance Checklist Template Download

Learn more about the new guidelines and the minimum requirements for each technology standard by downloading our free checklist below.