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15 May, 2023

Free Checklist – DfE School Guidance – Meeting Digital and Technology Standards in Schools

15 May, 2023

Does your school have a strategy in place to meet the DfE’s Digital and Technology Standards?

In May 2024, the Department for Education updated their guidance to schools regarding how to meet digital and technology standards. This specifies the minimum requirements to consider when renewing and upgrading digital infrastructure, but does your school or MAT have a process in place to meet this?

Meeting the DfE digital and technology standards is essential for your school, however, with 8 categories to adhere to, figuring out where to start and putting a plan is place can be overwhelming. At Tel Group, we have put a template together to help your school or MAT make a start on meeting these guidelines, taking away the confusion and helping to speed up the process.

The DfE set out eleven categories your school needs to meet:

Each digital standard specifies the minimum requirements your school should be meeting. You can view each standard summary by accessing the below links:

Free DfE School Guidance Checklist Download

Our free template will help your school make a start on analysing if you are currently meeting the DfE standards, and will also help you make a start on putting a plan together to meet them in the near future.

DfE Digital and Technology Standards - Free Template Download for Schools- Tel Group

At Tel Group, we can assess your current provision and advise which actions need to be taken in order to ensure compliance with each standard, from there we can implement the suggested improvements and upgrades to fulfill these requirements.