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13 January, 2022

Devices for Schools, Colleges & MATs

13 January, 2022

Download our ‘Devices for Schools’ Colleges & MATs’ brochure for free today and get started on the path of upgrading your school’s IT hardware.

At Tel Group, we understand that school budgets are tight. Therefore, we will always recommend the most cost effective solution for your specific needs. This includes guiding you through the procurement of devices for your school, college or MAT.

It is essential to have futureproof, secure and reliable technology within your school to ensure optimised learning, as well as safety of pupils and staff. With a selection of competitively priced devices tailored directly towards the education sector, we can ensure that your school will always remain connected with the latest technology.

Browse our most popular devices by downloading our free brochure below or contact us for the latest promotions, bulk discounts and information on our full offering of business grade devices today.