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21 January, 2022

December 2021 Employee of the Month – Stacey Priddey

21 January, 2022

December employee of the month. To show our gratitude to our employees at Tel Group, we run a monthly employee of the month program. This is where we show our appreciation through displaying the growth and development made by our employees. 

Every month, we select an employee to crown as our new employee of the month champion. Rewarding our chosen winner with a £50 gift voucher to splurge on food, drinks and a long weekend to celebrate! It wouldnt be a celebration without a big reveal, so let’s share December‘s employee of the month…

The December 2021 employee of the month award goes to Stacey Priddey, Tel Group’s Head of Finance and HR. Our company directors mutually agreed on crowning Stacey as the December 2021 employee of the month. This decision was made in favor of her perseverance to continuously fulfil company standards and most importantly, get us all paid on time! 

Stacey has shown fantastic development throughout her journey with us at Tel Group over the past 4 years. She has taken on great responsibility and leadership to guide and manage the finance and HR teams. Her determination to continuously make ends meet, despite the challenges that come with her role is one of the reasons why we are so proud of her.

December was a remarkably busy and demanding month for us at Tel Group, especially within the Finance department. Nevertheless, Stacey continued to remain confident and driven to successfully fulfill her daily duties at Tel Group. Ensuring payments were sent out in time for Christmas, whist controlling and dealing with supplier costs, to prevent cash flow strains.  

We would therefore like to say a huge thank you to Stacey for all her efforts and successes in supporting Tel Group. She is a kind and welcoming character within the Tel Group team, never failing to meet business demands. 

Congratulations Stacey, you sure did make our December one to remember!  

Stacey Priddey

We hope that you enjoy your meal, drinks and long weekend off in celebration of your accomplishments. Take a break, you deserve it! 

We appreciate every employee here with us at Tel Group, and we never fail to highlight the challenges and efforts that our employees have attained over the months.  

Keep a lookout for next month’s employee of the month reveal, you don’t want to miss it! 

Stacey Priddey - December 2021 Employee Of The Month