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Dark Web Compromise Report

Dark Web Compromise Report for Education

Prevent potential cyber threats from being exploited by proactively analysing your school’s network with Tel Group’s Dark Web Compromise Report for schools.

With a wealth of sensitive data on hand, the education sector is a prime target for hackers. To ensure that your school’s data is always secure, it’s critical to reduce the risk of hackers accessing your sensitive information.

At Tel Group, we have the expertise, knowledge, and software to safeguard your data, identifying and resolving potential vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Our Dark Web Compromise Report is a cost-effective and efficient approach to identifying and rectifying security gaps.

The Dark Web Report is designed to detect if any of your school’s personal information, emails, or passwords have been exposed on the dark web, making them vulnerable to hackers. We will provide guidance on the appropriate steps to take to correct the situation and establish responsive measures to prevent future breaches.

Our Dark Web Compromise Reports can be purchased individually, or as part of our complete Education Cyber Security package.

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Ensure that your network is always secure with our Dark Web Compromise Report.

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Dark Web Compromise Report for Schools

Protect your school’s online data against cyber-attacks.

Dark Web Compromise Report Dark Web Compromise Report

Dark Web Compromise Report

Our Dark Web Compromise Report will identify any leaked information on the dark web that may be associated with your school.

Our analysis examines your school’s system and network to identify any emails, passwords, or general information that may have been leaked and is potentially accessible to cyber attackers.

Based on our findings, we can provide your school with recommendations on the necessary steps to take in order to secure your networks and ensure the highest level of cyber security for your staff and students.

Penetration Test at Tel Group Penetration Test at Tel Group

Benefits of a Dark Web Compromise Report

Recognising if and when your information has been compromised is critical for your school to respond promptly and efficiently before significant damage occurs. It can also help prevent downtime and maintain the safety of your network.

Cyber security in education is not only vital for financial protection and disruption prevention, but also to safeguard students from potential harm.

Leakage of sensitive data to the dark web can lead to several risks, including:

  • Increased risk of Phishing / Malware emails
  • Compromised passwords¬†
  • Unauthorised access to email accounts
  • Uncovering unencrypted passwords
  • Allowing account access to a breached service
  • Increased chance of being on a SPAM list

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