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DfE Connect the Classroom Case Study – Mill Ford School

DfE Connect the Classroom Case Study – Mill Ford School

DfE Connect the Classroom Scheme – Wi-Fi

How Tel Group worked with Mill Ford School to improve their connectivity and coverage across the premises with a reliable Wi-Fi installation through the DfE ‘Connect the Classroom’ scheme.


Mill Ford is a school with a specialism in meeting the needs of children and young adults aged 3-19 with complex needs. Each member of staff works tirelessly to provide students with an exciting curriculum and learning environment, but they needed their technology and connectivity to help take this to the next level.


Mill Ford prides itself on delivering an exciting curriculum and learning environment, but their technology and connectivity was holding them back.

They were unsatisfied with the Wi-Fi coverage across their premises, with only 9 access points and no integration across sites. This was limiting their capabilities and impacting the learning and working environment for staff and pupils.

Mill Ford knew that for them to progress as a school and give their students the best opportunities, they needed to resolve their connectivity issues.

After getting in touch with our team to provide a quote, we quickly discovered that Mill Ford were eligible for the DfE’s ‘Connect the Classroom’ scheme – a fully funded scheme that helps schools access an effective, wireless networking solution. This would save their school thousands of pounds on the essential upgrade.

We were pleased to be entrusted by Mill Ford to carry out the installation, working closely with the school and the DfE to provide a robust and reliable solution.

DfE Connect the Classroom Scheme - Mill Ford School - Tel Group Case Study


After being accepted onto the DfE Connect the Classroom scheme, Tel Group visited Mill Ford School to begin their Wi-Fi overhaul.

We began by providing brand new cabling, installing fresh Cat 6 cables upgrading them from Cat 5e. Additionally, we installed 18 internal APs and 1 external AP. This provided a huge overhaul from their previous 9 APs.

Mill Ford have 3 classrooms in buildings separated from the main premises so it was essential they were all on the same network. We made this possible by installing an additional 3 APs in the separated building for full network coverage. The two schools are now linked and on the same network.

Their new fully funded Wi-Fi installation has now provided Mill Ford with a secure and reliable internet connection, allowing multiple devices to connect to the internet during the school day.

This robust and scalable solution will help Mill Ford deliver the exciting curriculum and learning environment they longed for.

Since the Connect the Classroom installation, Tel Group have worked with Mill Ford to also implement a new telephony solution across the premises and are also working with them on other future technology projects.

“I can highly recommend Tel Group, both David and Brendan were amazing to work with. Nothing was too much trouble!”

– Andrea Howard, School Business Manager

Mill Ford School Connect the Classroom Case Study

Access Point Preparation

Mill Ford School Connect the Classroom Case Study

Access Point Installation

Mill Ford School Connect the Classroom Case Study

Internal Access Point Fitted

Mill Ford Wi-Fi Cabling

Cabling Before

Mill Ford WiFi Cabling

Cabling During

Mill Ford Case Study Wifi Cabling

Cabling After

Mill Ford School Connect the Classroom Case Study

Integrating distant sites with the same network coverage

Mill Ford School Connect the Classroom Case Study

External Access Points enabling Wi-Fi CCTV Cameras

Mill Ford School Connect the Classroom Case Study

Heat map showing upgraded Wi-Fi coverage

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