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08 June, 2022

Child Safety Week – How To Safeguard Your Students

08 June, 2022

The 6th – 12 June 2022 signifies Child Safety Week, a week to highlight the importance of safeguarding children.

Schools and their staff have a responsibility over the safeguarding system for all children. Whether that be in the playground, whilst learning online, or in the classroom, managing pupil safety is a top priority. Child Safety Week brings everyone together to learn and share their knowledge on how to safeguard children.

This week we are drawing attention to the prevalence of child safety and the conveyance of ‘Safety in Mind’. It is crucial for schools to develop their safeguarding strategies to prepare for any risks that may cause potential harm. We are here to ensure that your school is investing in the best support and systems to protect pupil safety. With a variety of solutions designed exclusively for education sector, child safety is at the heart of our business.

How can we help?

An effective and robust infrastructure and technology system provides the right tools to filter and monitor student activity. At Tel Group, we provide the solutions, support and training you require to create a safe learning environment.

With children growing up in a digital age, it is important to protect pupils on school premises, but also online. We provide optimised safeguarding technology and practice to your school, allowing you to effectively manage child protection issues and concerns. 

Web Filtering

An effective and robust infrastructure and technology system provides the right tools to filter and monitor student activity, and is essential to keep children safe. At Tel Group, we not only provide the solutions helping you to create a safe learning environment, but also provide the support and training you require throughout the process.  

Cyber Security

We are able to offer a full suite of cyber and network security solutions. This includes penetration testing, providing a cost effective and time saving way to thoroughly manage vulnerabilities at all times, as well as our fully comprehensive Cyber Security Reports and Dark Web Scans. Alongside this, we also offer a fully managed IT and Support Partnership to solidify your overall security providing you with peace of mind when it comes to online pupil safety.  

Emergency Lockdown

From a natural disaster to an attack, having a school lockdown procedure makes just as much sense as having a fire alarm. A school lockdown intruder system allows you to quickly and discreetly communicate any situation at a touch of a button. The level of threat may be low or high, but it’s paramount schools are prepared and supported in developing a plan for a school lockdown to provide security in all scenarios. 


Our bespoke systems for CCTV in schools utilise the latest surveillance technology to maximise your site’s security by detecting, monitoring, and deterring potential vandalism, bullying, and intruders. Implementing a security system within your grounds will allow for a safe learning environment and improve your safeguarding procedures.