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26 April, 2022

The Benefits of Centralising your Multi Academy Trust’s Telecoms

26 April, 2022

The need for a reliable and consistent telecoms strategy across your MAT is now essential. Have you considered centralising your Multi Academy Trust’s telecoms?

With the rise of Multi Academy Trusts (MATs), the more coherent each school within the MAT needs to be. Although each individual school will have different contract dates, there is no reason not to start aligning each school’s services and providers. Now is the perfect time to start this process by centralising your Multi Academy Trust’s telecoms systems and providers.

There has been a substantial increase in the number of Multi Academy Trusts due to the endless benefits they provide. Consequently, the UK government is aiming for all schools to become academies by 2030, fueling this drastic increase.

Although this transition is of great value, it is important to recognise the vulnerabilities developed from this rapid shift. A high percentage of MATs have therefore not identified a coherent and integrated telecommunication procurement strategy across their schools.

Moving your Multi Academy Trust towards a centralised procurement model

Many MATs strive to move towards centralised procurement models to maintain the processes at a trust-wide level. This opens you up to the benefits of a centralised system, contributing towards a more efficient operation across the trust.

What issues do Multi Academy Trusts face without a centralised telecoms system?

  • Inefficiencies across the MAT due to differing systems.
  • A number of different telecoms suppliers across the trust, leading to differences in pricing and contact points.
  • The time spent dealing with multiple suppliers, seeing each school individually having to monitor, maintain, negotiate, and procure their systems.
  • The likelihood of being overcharged.
  • Trouble identifying individual school’s needs and areas where technology requires an update.
  • Scalability issues when additional schools join the trust.
  • No integration between sites, seeing additional charges implemented throughout.

It is important to ensure MATs are positioned in a way that will improve standards, cut costs, and transform infrastructure. This can all be introduced by implementing a centralised solution.

What does centralising your Multi Academy Trust’s telecoms involve?

A centralised system involves moving your systems across to one supplier. This provides a seamless connection between premises, as well as one point of call, helping to reduce any inefficiencies. Our systems are bespoke and scalable, tailored to focus directly on the needs of the MAT, providing control, compliance, and flexibility.

By centralising your Multi Academy Trust’s telecoms, you will be able to unify a group of previously unconnected academies. Integrating your communications and interactions will therefore lower costs and enhance performance. 

What are the benefits of a centralising your telecoms strategy?

  • Cost savings across the trust – consistent pricing and trust wide reductions.
  • Free calls between sites – utilising internet calls to all connected MAT sites.
  • Flexibility to accommodate an unlimited number of phones across several sites.
  • The ability to activate users instantly and easily add and remove lines.
  • Complete integration across your MAT.
  • Futureproof technology tailored to your MAT’s changing needs, built for scalability and future adjustments.
  • Wide range of additional features to boost working efficiency and call handling capabilities.
  • Expert advice on the latest technology advancements for education requirements.
  • One point of contact for your entire trust, with remote access to resolve any issues immediately.

Whether you have just started your journey as a trust or not, it’s the perfect time to look into centralisation. To find out more and obtain a free quote and site audit, get in contact.