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24 May, 2024

BT Announces Switch Off Extension to 2027

24 May, 2024

BT has reported that the BT switch off date for ISDN and PSTN services has been extended to 31st January 2027.

BT has announced that it has delayed the switch from physical copper-based landlines to internet-based services across the UK until 2027 – 2 years later than originally planned.  

The move follows the introduction of a series of improvements to the programme to better protect vulnerable customers and those with additional needs, including telecare users. The revised approach will result in a single switch from copper to fibre – with all organisations now expected to have moved off the old analogue PSTN by the end of January 2027. 

Although 2027 seems far off, it’s under three years away.  This is why organisations that have not already switched to IP telephony or VoIP are advised to make the transition now; the sooner you adopt the new technology, the sooner you can benefit from IP calls. 

What does this mean for my school or organisation?  

Although the deadline for the switch off has been delayed, it is becoming increasingly beneficial to transition from analogue landline technology to digital services, with the older technology no longer meeting the grade. 

BT is encouraging organisations to act now and move over to all-digital networks, to futureproof their operations and reap the rewards of being a digital business. Traditional lines offer a limited number of benefits and maintenance is much more frequent and costly. 

Why upgrade sooner rather than later? 

The new network will provide a future proof, reliable and dependable service, that will support the UK for decades to come. The transition to a digital line supports the next generation of voice calls, which are greater quality, need less maintenance, and have fewer faults. 

Moving away from traditional lines to newer, future proof and cost-effective technology brings a multitude of benefits such as reduced costs, free calls between sites, call recording and queuing and much more. 

What about connected equipment? 

Organisations that don’t transition to cloud phone systems before the PSTN switch-off will encounter challenges beyond just losing the ability to make calls. Everything that currently utilises PSTN and ISDN will also become obsolete.  

If these systems are still linked to outdated hardware when the switch-off occurs, they will become nonfunctional. We therefore recommend that any school or organisation identify the equipment they have connected to the PSTN. 

The main thing to consider is your broadband. If your current broadband connection operates using the ASDL or FTTC network, you’ll also need to switch your broadband over to FFTP or SoGEA. Any equipment that currently uses the PSTN and ISDN will stop working: alarms (lift, fire, intruder alarms etc), door entry systems, CCTV, faxes, and so on. 

You will need to ensure that these products are compatible with the new IP technology standards before the 2027 deadline. 

How can I switch my services by 2027? 

At Tel Group, we are ready to help make your school or organisation’s transition from copper lines as smooth as possible. Whether you wish to upgrade your equipment all at once or with a phased approach, we will make the process as efficient as possible depending on your requirements. With ongoing maintenance and support, you will never be without assistance when required.  

We can offer you a free quotation and conduct a free site audit (virtual or in person). This will allow us to identify the best option for you and tell you exactly how much you’ll save, helping you to switch to a solution ahead of the 2027 BT Switch Off. 

Join the 700 schools and businesses who have already transitioned from ISDN and PSTN to a futureproof and cost-effective modern alternative with Tel Group. 

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