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14 September, 2022

August 2022 Employee of the Month – Kieran Kehoe

14 September, 2022

Introducing the August 2022 Employee of the Month – Kieran Kehoe, Tel Group’s Head of Operations & Engineering.

As a company, we understand the importance of recognising our employees achievements and rewarding them for the hard work they put in. One way we show our appreciation for our staff is through our Employee of the Month scheme. Each month, our winner is selected based upon multiple factors, including positive feedback, outstanding achievements and contribution to the team effort. To celebrate, our winner is rewarded with a £50 meal voucher, as well as a bottle of their favourite alcoholic beverage. It’s now time to announce our August 2022 Employee of the Month… 

August 2022 Employee of the Month

We are delighted to announce that the August 2022 Employee of the Month has been awarded to Kieran Kehoe, our Head of Operations and Engineering. Kieran has been an integral part of the Tel Group team since 2010, providing over 12 years of dedication to his role – he has grown, adapted and taken on many challenges to get himself and the company to where it is today.

Kieran plays a crucial role in the entire business operations, from planning engineering schedules to working alongside tech support and managing the entirety of the engineering team. Kieran continues to work tirelessly to ensure all of our clients installations ran smoothly from the outset and throughout. All the while he has displayed a great level of commitment to meeting monthly goals and objectives.  

August is always the busiest and most challenging time of the year for Tel Group, especially for anyone in an engineering based role. This is due to the increased quantity of installations and projects planned and completed throughout the month at schools and businesses across the UK.

During this time, Kieran worked to ensure all operations had every detail planned and organised in order to run smoothly. Not only did he plan 20 major installations, but he dedicated himself to engineering work across a number of these projects too. Unfortunately, this resulted in him having to put his usual operations work on hold and work overtime to manage his growing schedule.

Going from strength to strength, Kieran has gained a significant amount of praise from not only our customers, but his colleagues too. All of these factors resulted in Kieran being crowned August 2022 Employee of the Month. A very deserving title, congratulations – enjoy your meal out and drink of choice!

Don’t forget to check in next month to find out who has been titled September 2022 Employee of the Month!