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16 May, 2022

April 2022 Employee of the Month – Brendan Moran

16 May, 2022

Introducing the April 2022 employee of the month, Brendan Moran. To show appreciation to our employees hard work throughout the month, we run an employee of the month program.

Each month, we select our chosen winner based on their stand out achievements and hard work throughout the past month. To celebrate, they are rewarded with a £50 meal voucher, as well as an alcoholic beverage of choice. We view this scheme as a great way for us to regularly congratulate our employees and encourage career developments.

April 2022 Employee of the Month

The April 2022 employee of the month award goes to Brendan Moran, a respected member of the engineering team. Brendan, our Senior Engineer, has been part of the team for coming up to 2 years now. He is an ambitious employee who always puts his best into every project, we are thrilled to be presenting him with this award.

Brendan Moran - April 2022 Employee of the Month

April is a busy month for us over at Tel Group. This is due to the Easter half term, where we choose to complete our slightly bigger school projects. Brendan has done an amazing job at successfully managing these Easter projects, especially our CCTV installations. Brendan was able to sufficiently manage multiple of these installations, and we couldn’t have done it without him.

As an engineer, he is one of the few staff we work directly in-person with our customers. It is therefore essential that he makes a good impression on every job he works on. Collecting brilliant feedback from clients, he always represents Tel Group in an impressive and invaluable manner.

Through his time at Tel Group, Brendan has continuously proven that he is a reliable and proactive employee of ours. With a true passion for technology and engineering, Brendan is always willing to go above and beyond. Well done Brendan!

Stay tuned for May’s big reveal!